What a month February is shaping up to be. Wowsa, wowsa and wowsa again!!!February is very, very busy with 2 eclipses, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, Groundhog Day, (also known as “Beltane” in the Wiccan culture and Fat Tuesday in famed New Orleans Louisiana Mardi Gras celebration,) and a whole bunch of planets changing signs. (Like Mars and Venus both in Aries,) and Super Bowl Sunday !!! Lastly, the retrograde Venus “ pre-retrograde shadow period” is now upon us, too (click here for details.)

At the risk of sounding repetitive “All I can say is Wowsa!”

And this is but a brief over view of the big picture. The January doldrums are past, Santa Klaus is truly gone and we have only 2 more winter pagan holidays to look forward to, Groundhogs Day, and Saint Valentines Day. (Just for the record, I doubt if he actually behaved like a saint but I am very glad we have him available.)

The theme for all 12 signs is for the unfinished business from 2008 and 2014 time period to be revisited. Yep, we have until the August 2017 eclipses to fix what we do not quite have a full grasp on now. And we will do exactly that too, no worries! This is how retrograde planets and transits help humanity. Simply put, the actions developing now are based on what plays out for the future, until early August to be specific, and many of the issues both good and bad that we are dealing with now have a root cause from 2008 and again in 2014, so think back to that time period and muse upon the people and lessons since then. You will be amazed.

Expect old lovers and friends to continue to pop up out of the blue and enjoy accidentally bumping into friends and acquaintances from the past.... hey retrograde activity is not nearly as “scary” as people make it out to be and it truly does allow us to free ourselves.

In keeping with the extreme sports and overactive energies I am quite proud, and finally finished, whew, and am finally posting both the 2017 General horoscope, (click here for 2017 mundane astrology,) and the Venus Retrograde articles. (click here for details.)


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Here is how Feruary 2017 palys out for each of the 12 Astrological Sun Signs, Read On;

Happy New Year! The big news for January is that we still have Mercury Retrograde until 1/8/16. Mercury remains in Capricorn, (oh will this never end!) until the 27th when he finally gets to Aquarius. The full moon falls on January 11-12-13 (Friday the 13th no less,) in Cancer. Speaking of Friday the 13th, we have 2 in 2017. This first one in January and another in October, what spooky fun. The new moon falls on 1/27 and now Aquarius energy dominates the skies.

We have a lot to look forward to, and the way the month begins is very different from the way it ends. By week 3 the pent up energy from the retrogrades and the holidays has been dredged, and we are as much under control of our circumstances as we can be. The dark of the moon comes on the 26 and that cold, crisp, clear quiet feeling envelopes us and we find peace, clarity and warmth.

Ah yes the joys of January are upon us. Have fun, cuddle up with your spouse wear your fur lined satin robe and nothing else! With the peace and clarity that Capricorn always brings and Mercury in Capricorn too, love is elegant and private, words are not necessary, deep love is felt, which brings a sense of security to love relationships.

But wait, there's more. With Mercury in Capricorn we still have a lot to do, and social events are well starred. Again, the ambiance is elegant so enjoy this period with others in a sophisticated, austere fashion. With the full moon so very comfortable in her home sign, Cancer, and both the Sun and Mercury rooted in stable Capricorn it is an excellent time to conceive, there is a very real possibility of pregnancy. The creation of new life is a noble quest. Go for it!

Here is a song that I love, it reminds me most of Venus in Capricorn, and is also relevant to Mercury in Capricorn. It sets the tone of the first 20 days of the month quite well and gives audio reinforcement to Capricorn energy at it's highest vibration;

Love is Blue

By months end, Mercury Retrograde is over, and there is just one itsy bitsy teensy weensy little snag, almost a negligible event. We probably won't even notice it.

Greetings and Salutations to All! Well, here we are in December 2016 and what fun awaits. December begins with the kind of energy that can move mountains. The active element is fire supported by air, with a bit of Venus in Capricorn energy to make it sexy too.

“Think Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose while you nip on the brandy with family and friends, old and new and you get the picture. December 2016 brings warm, fiery, sexy and loving energy to humanity. Optimism and high spirits abound and events are auspiciously highlighted this holiday season.

It is pretty much good news for all 12 signs for December. Life is sexy and sweet. The Full moon in Sagittarius on 12/13 brings a dose of optimism to the forefront of holiday festivities and the New moon in Capricorn on 12/29 is a stabilizing influence to help us all end the year in a stable frame of mind. Events with home and family look set to be quite successful. This year your gifts are appreciated, but save the receipts too, cause mercury goes retrograde on 12/21, (the shortest day of the year, AKA the winter solstice,) and you just might need them! Better to have them, (those receipts,) and not need them than the other way around.

{A Snippet of Foreshadowing; There are major changes on the horizon over the next year, straight through the end of 2017 so make this year count with family and friends, it is a special year and good times will be remembered for many years henceforth.}

There is however, a need for a wee bit of caution, there is such a thing as being overly optimistic and having too much fun. Especially at months end when Mars trots into Pisces. Simply put, hide the eggnog, take the high road and stay home on New Years Eve lest you be tempted to get humongously snookered and have a monstrous hangover.

To begin the November Snippets I must throw my hat into the Presidential election arena. I think that Trump will win. The reason I say this is not the politics involved or the personal views of either politician at present. Both of these candidates are royalty in their own right and both are qualified. The reason I think Trump will win is because of his “horary” chart. It is very similar to Clinton's election day chart.

Trump first decided he wanted to be the President on October 9, 1977 so I cast a chart for that specific date. Oddly the positioning of 2 of the outlying planets, Jupiter & Saturn were somewhat off when I cast this reading, the universe sent me a bit of meaningful chaos,) and I interpreted the chart as it appeared without any corrections.

Here are basic results;

Sun in Libra *

Moon in Virgo *

Ascendant in Cancer *

Venus in Leo *

Mercury in Scorpio *

Mars in Sagittarius *

Hmm, how do I continue these November Snippet's? There is so much to say, so little space and I think there is not not enough time left in 2016 to do the month of November justice. But wait, I know, let's move along to the most Hallowed of Holidays;


Fine readers, I apologize for the abbreviated “Snippets.” Hurricane Matthew is on it's way and I am very busy now with prep to minimize damage. I will post full snippets in November and Send Warm blessings and Lots of Love to each and every one of You until then, be safe and happy, all!

Ah ha, Sawain and Halloween are upon us. As always, the dark of the moon in October is the true date of Halloween/Sawain. In 2016 this occurs on the weekend, 10/28-29-30/2016. We have the full moon in Aries on 10/15, so make plans with your friends for Halloween then. Expect much excitement, it is a rare occurrence to have the October dark moon so close to the 10/31 celebration date in the USA. Remember, Sawain is the end of the year, the earth mother is weary, the horned hunter not fully awake and the veil between the mortal & etheric dimensions is more easily crossed. Mischievous spirits come out and play, without worrying about earth Mother or Horned Hunter interference.

In horary astrology this time period is known as VIA COMBUSTA” The region from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio, and is considered an ancient malefic. This period indicates a tumultuous zone,“an unsettled state of affairs that resists judgment and that involves a perverse self-satisfaction in the confusion.” Here is a gentler link to Halloween and Sawain lore to get you in the mood for the end of year festivities and keep you in the know;Halloween

Let us take a moment and give honorable mention to our Deceased Psychics and Astrologers from 2015 and 2016. These fine beings brought much enlightenment and knowledge to humanity in their lifetimes and are sorely missed. The time to mourn their passing is over now, but to acknowledge and thank them one more time is appropriate, as the veil between life and death is thin. This shall be the last reference to these special souls as they move now in a different plane of being and yet, just one more time I wish to bid them Farewell and Godspeed;

Jeff Jawer 68 * died in February of 2015

Jonathon Cainer 59 *died in May of 2016

Madam Cleo 53 died in may of 2016

We are through the eclipses of last month, Jupiter is now in Libra for a full year, Mars is in Capricorn, (think orchestras and ballroom dancing,) and Mercury is moving direct, (Oh blessed relief and joyous prancing celebration,) in Virgo. The Mercury move to Libra is on Thursday October 6th,. The full moon in Aries is Saturday, October 15.

Being a brave and diligent soul, I continue the “Yearly Zodiac Snippets for 2017.” The 2017 potatoes are already cooking. The major transits, Mercury retrogrades and yearly eclipses are finished, now I move along and rewrite Venus retrograde and lastly the yearly forecasts for each of the 12 astrological sun signs and this requires much research sign by sign.

Well, it is what it is and I truly enjoy the writing, I actually might finish on time this year but usually I run into January. I will do my best, I promise.

Today is Friday 9/16/16 and there is an eclipse, a full moon eclipse in Pisces. A really good time to tackle the October snippet's, (in my humble opinion,) because this eclipse finishes a really, really long cycle of transits that have been with us, ( in the USA,) since 2012. All that is left of the major transits is the movement of Mercury into Libra on October 6 – 7. Really fine readers, this is it.

We have a new cycle of events before us and that is all to the good.

Listen up Libra, your sign has been sorely afflicted since 2009, test after traumatic test. Now the energy settles and Jupiter brings good luck and expansion too. So for Libra, hang on to you scales, help is on the horizon, life gets easier now. That is the most important news of October 2016, a new beginning, a new cycle for everyone, but especially Libra.

Now life is life and it is never worry free, but there is a definite improvement in circumstances. Let's take a moment and look at what is before us.

We are on the home stretch in the Presidential elections. Currently our nation is divided, but I see a vast improvement in these circumstances. Either our borders fall completely or we balance as a nation, but whichever the kitty jumps, the uncertainty is past and we know what is what. For better or worse the change that results will be with us for a long, long time.

If we fall to foreign rule, (and I can assure you the southeast borders are down,) then I offer up this song and lyrics, “Silent Running” by Mike and The Mechanics to assist in coping, enjoy, music soothes the soul. If we are spared the loss of our way of life, and can maintain democracy then I offer up this beautiful instrumental which reminds me so very much of Mars and Venus in Capricorn; "Love Is Blue"

To summarize, October is a good month. We have lots of excitement and can look forward to a splendid Sawain festival and much good fun. It is okay now to start anew. If you have plans that you have been holding off implementing, the way forward is clear now, so go for it. Forward movement without planning will be risky but as long as you look before you leap and take into account the possibility of unknown/unexpected factors all should be okay.

Be optimistic about the winter holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, in 2016 they are special and bring much joy and happiness. Old issues are almost settled, give that last push to finish up once and for all any leftover details, get through with it and prepare to move on.

OK, enough said for now, see everyone next month, November 2016, Stay warm and safe and dry until then, Mystic Wendy!


My oh My what a month September 2016 is shaping up to be here in America. We have 2 eclipses, a Mercury retrograde and Jupiter moving into Libra. Not to mention the presidential race between Crooked Hillary Clinton and Donald (quack,) Trump. What fun, how evil we Americans are in an elections year. So no matter how you toss the dice we are looking at excitement that lasts awhile. On the darker side the energy feels manic, too much of a good thing, or a bad thing or just too much of anything.

But all in all it is a positive month.

We can expect the shocking revelations that September energy seems always to always provide, the “oh-no” events that make us all so very grateful to be safe and sound in our very own private personal space. Those shocking occurrences that come with the Virgo Sun. These revelations are par for the course in September dun to the waning of summer energies and are explained below;

The Earth Mother grows weary in September, she has worked long and hard, tirelessly, since the quickening of spring in February, (Candlemas,) and yearns for her winter rest and the refreshment of her soul.  The season is changing, almost imperceptibly andthe first major harvests are coming in. Earth Mother now watches for the arrival of the Horned Hunter, who rules the fall and winter. 

Hello fine readers and good people.  I am updating my website and on a mini-vacation too. I will resume the Monthly Snippets on September 1, 2016. In the meantime visit http://mysticwendy.com/eclipses--retrogrades.html for a wee bit more information on what is in store for humanity over the next 8 weeks. 

Simply put; We have the dog days of august, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on 8/18/16, followed by a Mercury retrograde period in Leo/Virgo and Libra from  8/10/16 to 8/29/16 * Retrograde * 8/30/16 to 9/22/16 * Post shadow * 9/23/166 to 10/6/16, with, (oh goody, goody gum drops,) a New Moon Solar eclipse in Virgo on September 1, and the last eclipse (hoorah,) is a Full moon Lunar eclipse in Pisces on 9/15/16.

No worries come October 1, 2016 the worst is behind us and  we can relax and think about partridges in pear trees and stuff like that,  In the meantime expect to be busier than a one armed paper hanger working side by side with a dude named  Murphy and his laws.

Again once more check out my Eclipses and Retrogrades Page and the first page of My 2016 Yearly Summary for more details;


I will see you all in September, on the first of the month, Be happy and Blessings too, Mystic Wendy
Hello, hello, hello good readers and fine people. It is a pleasure to be here among all of you serving up the monthly snippets. I feel strong and frisky so let's get started right away with the juicy morsels and succulent tidbits that await us all in July 2016.

Our National 4th of July holiday celebration is here again. Enjoy yourselves, the Fireworks displays shall be magnificent, the food better than magnificent and the atmosphere brave and loving, with a strong emphasis on family ties and solidarity. Salute the American Flag, and when the National Anthem plays, sing along, like so;

Oh say can you see in the dawns early light how proudly she hails in the twilight's last gleaming....... And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air gave proof to the night that our flag is still here. Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave, in the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

(Francis Scott Key wrote these lyrics in 1814 as a poem and it was put to music in 1931.)”

Let me repeat this savvy advice, have a grand old time and wherever you find your self and whoever you bring along, enjoy yourself. Salute the American Flag, and when this Patriotic Ballad plays sing along, like so;

This land is my land this land, this land is your land, from California to the New York Island. From the redwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters this land was made for you and me..............”

OK we all had a jolly good time over July 2nd and 3rd and now Monday morning July 4th dawns bright and clear and guess what? Well gee party time is here again with the New Moon in Cancer, wow what good fun! More good news, Monday July 4tth we are already 5 days out of Mars Retrograde in Scorpio and into the shadow period which lasts until August 22, 2016. (Hugs and laughter and roars of joy and much jolly hoopla celebrating!)

The Mars post shadow station began on June 29th, 2016. Hmmm, looks like all of this retrograde blast from the past energy is almost done, eh? Wrong. Truly not so ladies and gents. Best read on..............

It is with deep sorrow that I advise all fine readers that Jonathan Cainer of Cainer Astrology passed away, (died,)  in early May 2016. He will be sorely missed and I would be remiss in my duties to neglect a mention of consolation to this amazing Astrologer. He was known and loved worldwide. Godspeed Johnathon Cainer, you were a man of honor and a legend in our times, I surely hope to meet you in the Ether, the 4th dimension! Until then be well and grow in knowledge and strength  in the alternate dimension where you now reside

June 2016 is a Peter Pan Month. Blame it on Gemini and then go enjoy yourself. To get into the proper groove think youthful innocence. We experience child-like wonder and amazement with all things alive and the power of mother nature. The days are longer than the nights for a wee bit more The weather is warm and moist and life is good all around. These are the “halcyon “ days of late spring, the living is easy.

Groovy, eh? Not quite, nope! Hold on a minute folks because there is much, much more. The June astrology creates Paradoxical Situations in our lives. We have the innocence of Gemini the twins and the need for structure and discipline of Saturn and the elusive dreams just out of reach influence of Neptune.

It is worth a look see at Marina Macario's take on the paradoxical elements of June 2016. She offers insight into the dual nature of Gemini, the polar opposites this Sun sign represents, good twin and bad twin respectively.

In a nutshell June is also an “elitist” month.

As this month’s Zodiac Snippet's unfold from my mind onto paper, I offer up to all fine readers a picture. Clowns to the left of us and jokers to the right, here we are! That is not very far from the truth, because finally, finally, after 6 long weeks of the pre-retrograde shadow periods we are well and truly amidst the Mars and Mercury retrograde transits. We have a “new moon” in Taurus on may 6th and a “full moon” in Sagittarius on may 21 too.

All of this really does give each and every one of us a reason to cheer. Those of an optimistic demeanor might even say that the end is in sight. After all July, August and September are right around the corner.

I can see those with a more cynical outlook, rolling their eyes and saying ; “what about the 3 eclipses, the first in mid-August and the second and third in September? And how about that pesky Mercury retrograde, the 3rd and the 4th in the series of 4 this year? Hmm, what about those smarty tart?”

Well, golly gee there is all that stuff to consider too. So let's do that, lets consider our options.

First I must state, (unequivocally,) that there is plenty of good and fun, (good fun,) stuff to do even with the beastly long retrogrades and the 3 eclipses we experience between now and late September. (more info here.)

Indeed, below are a few but not all of the favored events we can look forward to;

For the remainder of spring and the rest of the summer is a great time to look to the past and connect with old friends. Old lovers have a way of popping up during retrograde transits too. Whatever pops up from your past, now is the time to run with it, because there is a healing quality that unfolds with retrogrades and eclipses too. Or, if you do not need “healing' it's still a great time to reminisce on the past and catch up with old friends and family.

Travel is favored, especially if you are going back to someplace you haven't been to in a while or to a location or to be around people that you miss. This is the “lucky” side of Mars retrograde, the vacation like atmosphere it invokes, the joyful journeys and reunions with places and people in our past.

Bursts of money manifest, although this financial aspect is more often than not of a “one and done” nature. Legal settlements, gifts and even a win at lottery are examples. Business is brisk and profitable, but after the fact clients and customers have a way of “poof” disappearing so pay heed to the temporary nature of profits.

Plans that are pending now, should remain pending, (there are a few exceptions, call or order email charts that are individually customized just for You!) and can be successfully implemented after the retrograde transits pass, as that is when we see the full results of our actions. The yin and the yang balance quite nicely after the fact. Think October 1, 2016.

Mercury retrograde transits , although shorter in duration than all other planets are the most easily felt. To broach the somewhat more uncomfortable aspects; (we touch on this only briefly,) Marina Macario says of this Mercury retrograde; Learning from ones mistakes” and the uncomfortable truth” just about sums up this Mercury Rx. “ So that is not so bad after all as there is a learning curve and our past experience guides us through the worst of it.

Here is a true life example to further clarify;