My, my my what a month November 2017 is shaping up to be. We have a whole bunch of Scorpio energy, starting right now, (11/5,) and continuing right through January 2018. Mars will move into Scorpio on 12/9/17 and stay until Jan 18. Jupiter currently remains in Scorpio until November 2018 and that is all to the good. Especially now, because the passion and intensity Scorpio energy brings is sorely needed by humanity at large. This is beneficial to us because Scorpio releases the deep rooted sludge and gunk that we usually prefer to just ignore and sweep under the rug. The most important thing to remember with Scorpio is that it is an “all or nothing” transiting energy. It brings up hidden, secret things. Stuff like scandals and sex and a lust for power and jealousy and possessiveness and ownership.

Other stuff too, like rising up after a period of defeat and trauma and making good again. It gives us strength when it is most needed, an ability to be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when help is required, and courageous and brave enough to both ask for it and accept it when offered. No matter whether the situation is in love, business or career Scorpio energy when properly utilized indicates breakthroughs.

To put more icing on the cake, Venus moves into Scorpio on 11/7. With the final days of Venus in Libra during the first week we experience a strong and balanced outlook that combines passion, beauty and energy in a most beneficial way for a truly successful start to the holiday season countdown. Do not hesitate to shop for new clothes and it is fine to splurge a wee bit on elegant items too. By November 18th, (Sat,) when we have the new moon in Scorpio , we are "all in" to the Scorpio transits and must say goodbye to Libra for quite some time.

Ah, what a fine time we have in November 2017. All in all the time is right to enjoy life to it's very fullest while spreading the wealth and happiness to others too. For real and for a good while to come “Tis The Season To Be Jolly!" Seasons Greeting and Warm Winter Blessings To All, Mystic Wendy!



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