OK, I know the title sounds a little ginchy, but hey, the south from Florida to Texas, and east to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are heavily damaged from storm season. Insurance companies and FEMA are “keeping court.” Thank goodness we are civilized and intelligent enough to handle the bureacracy involved in damage control and rebuilding. I see the following patterns emerging; Those in the northern USA are moseying on down to the south to see what is going on and we in the south are fleeing north, to start anew. That's how it goes for a while, at least until mid-January 2018, so enjoy these flip flop experiences.

There is even more excitement brewing. All this movement and bureacracy brings us contact with people from different areas and cultures with differing political and social views. What fun. Expect the unexpected. It truly is a period where you can meet your match. Don't be afraid to mingle. Expect love to pop up from anywhere at all when you least expect it. BTW: Mars and Venus interact all month, (lovers meet,) getting closer and closer to each other until we have a conjunction, (lovers merge,) on 10/5/17 which lasts through the end of the month.

The full moon is in Pisces on 10/5-6-7 and the new moon is in Libra, 10/13-18. It is Halloween month, (aka Sawain, the dark of the moon in October.) Please note that the end of the year Sawain season make this last quarter waning moon cycle quite powerful, expect psychic phenomena from Fri, 10/13 all the way to Tu 10/17. Then, ta-da, the new year is upon us and the Horned God of Autumn and Winter is in his full potency as the Earth Mother lies dormant and rests in the safety of her mates shadow.

Love Questions? Career Concerns? Money issues? I am available by  request, call me at , I am here for you with answers to your questions.

Here's how the month plays out for each of the 12 Horoscope signs, read on;

ARIES * Youv'e met your match in love and business, are they lovers or open enemies?

TAURUS * Working diligently with others, your steady demeanor makes you a hero!

GEMINI * Let's talk about love. You get to know what love is, the universe shows you!

CANCER * Home is where the heart is, loves arrives, (and stays,) around the 22nd!

LEO * If you need help ask Aunts, Uncles & Cousins. Or help them. Either way you win!

VIRGO * As leader of the pack you solve problems and create solutions with ease and aplomb!

LIBRA * Virgo and Mars define the path ahead. Life is unpredictable. Your soul sparkles anyway

SCORPIO * You have friends in secret places so take the road less traveled in Love!

SAGITTARIUS * Stand your ground you have more support than you imagine. Especially in love!

CAPRICORN * Libra brings balance. Scorpio delivers career kudos through 2018!

AQUARIUS * You are hither and thon, oh what fun it is to travel around and spread joy!

PISCES * The deep and forbidding hold sway, making Halloween a real “Trick or Treat!”



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