Fine readers, I apologize for the abbreviated “Snippets.” Hurricane Matthew is on it's way and I am very busy now with prep to minimize damage. I will post full snippets in November and Send Warm blessings and Lots of Love to each and every one of You until then, be safe and happy, all!

Ah ha, Sawain and Halloween are upon us. As always, the dark of the moon in October is the true date of Halloween/Sawain. In 2016 this occurs on the weekend, 10/28-29-30/2016. We have the full moon in Aries on 10/15, so make plans with your friends for Halloween then. Expect much excitement, it is a rare occurrence to have the October dark moon so close to the 10/31 celebration date in the USA. Remember, Sawain is the end of the year, the earth mother is weary, the horned hunter not fully awake and the veil between the mortal & etheric dimensions is more easily crossed. Mischievous spirits come out and play, without worrying about earth Mother or Horned Hunter interference.

In horary astrology this time period is known as VIA COMBUSTA” The region from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio, and is considered an ancient malefic. This period indicates a tumultuous zone,“an unsettled state of affairs that resists judgment and that involves a perverse self-satisfaction in the confusion.” Here is a gentler link to Halloween and Sawain lore to get you in the mood for the end of year festivities and keep you in the know;Halloween

Let us take a moment and give honorable mention to our Deceased Psychics and Astrologers from 2015 and 2016. These fine beings brought much enlightenment and knowledge to humanity in their lifetimes and are sorely missed. The time to mourn their passing is over now, but to acknowledge and thank them one more time is appropriate, as the veil between life and death is thin. This shall be the last reference to these special souls as they move now in a different plane of being and yet, just one more time I wish to bid them Farewell and Godspeed;

Jeff Jawer 68 * died in February of 2015

Jonathon Cainer 59 *died in May of 2016

Madam Cleo 53 died in may of 2016

We are through the eclipses of last month, Jupiter is now in Libra for a full year, Mars is in Capricorn, (think orchestras and ballroom dancing,) and Mercury is moving direct, (Oh blessed relief and joyous prancing celebration,) in Virgo. The Mercury move to Libra is on Thursday October 6th,. The full moon in Aries is Saturday, October 15.

Being a brave and diligent soul, I continue the “Yearly Zodiac Snippets for 2017.” The 2017 potatoes are already cooking. The major transits, Mercury retrogrades and yearly eclipses are finished, now I move along and rewrite Venus retrograde and lastly the yearly forecasts for each of the 12 astrological sun signs and this requires much research sign by sign.

Well, it is what it is and I truly enjoy the writing, I actually might finish on time this year but usually I run into January. I will do my best, I promise.

Today is Friday 9/16/16 and there is an eclipse, a full moon eclipse in Pisces. A really good time to tackle the October snippet's, (in my humble opinion,) because this eclipse finishes a really, really long cycle of transits that have been with us, ( in the USA,) since 2012. All that is left of the major transits is the movement of Mercury into Libra on October 6 – 7. Really fine readers, this is it.

We have a new cycle of events before us and that is all to the good.

Listen up Libra, your sign has been sorely afflicted since 2009, test after traumatic test. Now the energy settles and Jupiter brings good luck and expansion too. So for Libra, hang on to you scales, help is on the horizon, life gets easier now. That is the most important news of October 2016, a new beginning, a new cycle for everyone, but especially Libra.

Now life is life and it is never worry free, but there is a definite improvement in circumstances. Let's take a moment and look at what is before us.

We are on the home stretch in the Presidential elections. Currently our nation is divided, but I see a vast improvement in these circumstances. Either our borders fall completely or we balance as a nation, but whichever the kitty jumps, the uncertainty is past and we know what is what. For better or worse the change that results will be with us for a long, long time.

If we fall to foreign rule, (and I can assure you the southeast borders are down,) then I offer up this song and lyrics, “Silent Running” by Mike and The Mechanics to assist in coping, enjoy, music soothes the soul. If we are spared the loss of our way of life, and can maintain democracy then I offer up this beautiful instrumental which reminds me so very much of Mars and Venus in Capricorn; "Love Is Blue"

To summarize, October is a good month. We have lots of excitement and can look forward to a splendid Sawain festival and much good fun. It is okay now to start anew. If you have plans that you have been holding off implementing, the way forward is clear now, so go for it. Forward movement without planning will be risky but as long as you look before you leap and take into account the possibility of unknown/unexpected factors all should be okay.

Be optimistic about the winter holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, in 2016 they are special and bring much joy and happiness. Old issues are almost settled, give that last push to finish up once and for all any leftover details, get through with it and prepare to move on.

OK, enough said for now, see everyone next month, November 2016, Stay warm and safe and dry until then, Mystic Wendy!




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