My oh My what a month September 2016 is shaping up to be here in America. We have 2 eclipses, a Mercury retrograde and Jupiter moving into Libra. Not to mention the presidential race between Crooked Hillary Clinton and Donald (quack,) Trump. What fun, how evil we Americans are in an elections year. So no matter how you toss the dice we are looking at excitement that lasts awhile. On the darker side the energy feels manic, too much of a good thing, or a bad thing or just too much of anything.

But all in all it is a positive month.

We can expect the shocking revelations that September energy seems always to always provide, the “oh-no” events that make us all so very grateful to be safe and sound in our very own private personal space. Those shocking occurrences that come with the Virgo Sun. These revelations are par for the course in September dun to the waning of summer energies and are explained below;

The Earth Mother grows weary in September, she has worked long and hard, tirelessly, since the quickening of spring in February, (Candlemas,) and yearns for her winter rest and the refreshment of her soul.  The season is changing, almost imperceptibly andthe first major harvests are coming in. Earth Mother now watches for the arrival of the Horned Hunter, who rules the fall and winter. 
He is beginning to stir and awaken, but not just yet, he slumbers still and dreams of winter duties, the holidays and crisp cold snow flakes, the autumn leaves, and the joy he spreads throughout humanity during his seasonal reign.

That is why we have such shocking events in late August and September, it is the waning of summer energy at the culmination of first harvest. The Earth mother is tired, the horned Hunter is not yet awake, the energies become erratic. And with the change of seasons comes Halloween and Sawain, when both Earth Mother and Horned Hunter meet and steal away for a mere moment in time, just 24 hrs or so, to meet and merge as one. But that is in October, soon, soon.

In the meantime, here we be, looking forward to Labor Day festivities and those 2 pesky eclipses. No worries, this should be a wonderful Labor Day weekend, (all energies aside,) and this is because Mercury is retrograde in Virgo all the live long month. (Stop pouting Libra!) Family reunions are a really good way to utilize the retrograde and even though snafus in the details are a surety all should work out rather well in the end.

The thing is, the events that are unfolding now, those stirring, not yet fully formed ideas are a very real indication of what lies ahead and indicate a longer duration than is usual.

Now, there are other very real issues to address astronomically speaking, much more so than usual, such as;

Mercury retrograde in Virgo until the 22 of the month, with the shadow period completely over by 10/7/16 when Mercury enters Libra. Mercury retrograde in Virgo stalls the successful completion of projects somewhat, forcing us to go back and take another look at the details and that is all to the good this time around. ((Mercury retrograde info click here.)

Two more eclipses,

1. Solar eclipse, (new moon,) Sun in Virgo, Moon in Virgo 9/1/16 and

2. Lunar eclipse, (full moon,) in Pisces 9/15/16. (More Eclipse info here).

3. We have another, and final, (not exact but close enough to take notice,) square between Uranus and Pluto, that annoying transit that has plagued humanity worldwide on and off since 2009. Thankfully this really the last transit worth a mention between the 2 planets! Simply stated this transit means that what ever progress humanity at large has made over the last 7 years, in racial or government issues, (everyone is affected nationally,) becomes very noteworthy and obvious and is unable to be ignored or shrugged off. Immigration is an excellent example of what the long term results of Uranus square Pluto brought to America.
4. Finally, and not to be left out of the fray, Neptune is wooing us as well, with gossamer dreams and promises of a new life if we just let go..........................


I am not given to writing about politics but I will write about these things once and only once, I shall make my feelings exceedingly clear as is my right as a sovereign citizen of the land that I love, the United States of America .

The USA “Presidential” elections, the “Brexit” vote in England, the loss of control of our southern and northern borders, the tidal wave crisis of illegal immigration, the never-ending identity theft and mail theft, the reverse discrimination now experienced on a daily basis, the 42% White Male & 38% White Female homeless populations , All of this I see every day, all day, as Florida is my home.

Obviously this is terribly unbalanced and just plain wrong, and must be faced. It is a living nightmare, alas, I cannot close my eyes any longer, and try to pretend this is not happening, I speak boldly and hope that exposure of events will be noticed by those loving souls who still care, and that they act, for the good of ALL to put a halt to the failure of the current state of affairs.

Our current President has failed miserably in his policy and let full blown criminal activity and bigotry run amok and unchecked. Hence our Nations borders are well and truly down. America must rise against the criminal politics, Bigotry and Reverse Discrimination, until this bastardized reign is completely dismantled.

We have a responsibility to protect our borders and ensure the safety of our citizens, indeed, that is a moral and spiritual obligation for each and every one of us. To date we are not doing so.

This is the energy of Uranus square Pluto and Neptune in Pisces. Simply put, Neptune woos us with dissolving borders, Uranus makes it clear that change is necessary, and Pluto says fix the dam wall. I fear greatly what lies ahead, I see no easy, peaceful way out, only years of damage control.

THIS IS THE END OF MY POLITCAL OPINION, Let us move on fine readers;

Now I study extensively for these blog posts I write and I would like to take a moment and provide links to some of my peers in the psychic/astrological industry. The links below provide further insight and valuable input and opinion and all of you fine readers should find them quite helpful and enlightening;

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Wow what a long blog post this is, (sorry,) I am truly weary so let's move along and find out how September 2016 plays out for each of the 12 Astrological Sun Signs. Read on;

ARIES * COMBINE WORK AND PLEASURE * THEN YOU'LL HAVE A REAL GOOD TIME! On the job you are beginning to realize that for a brief spell you can co-mingle business and pleasure and even show significant gains by doing so. Lucky Aries. Travel is imminent and is related to partnerships and work duties. Amazingly this travel in some way includes interaction with young energies and children, and your creativity reaches an all time high as you adjust work and partnerships to factor in fresh growth patterns.

TAURUS * SHARED RESOURCES LOOM LARGE UNTIL THE 13TH * CONTROL COMES BY MONTHS END ALONG WITH A GREEN LIGHT GO*GO*GO! Look critically, be alert and pay attention to subtle nuances and body language in people’s behavior. There are loopholes and catches that can work for or against you. Being aware gives you the advantage. Mid-month your thoughts are intense, avoid over-thinking. If you feel like you can't turn off the switch, devote time to anything that relaxes you, spend energy in a physical manner, this balances your thoughts. Love is fun, lighthearted and you are inclined to set heavier issues aside. At months end bring your partner along they are in a positive, adventurous party mood. September 2016 ends on a great note, life is perfect, filled with action and novelty.

GEMINI * HOW CREATIVE CAN YOU BE? VERY, VERY CREATIVE ENJOY YOURSELF! Ups and downs and ins and outs, especially early in the months create challenges that must be handled creatively. Sponsors and family are prominent in these challenges. Your creative mind set saves the day and poof, along comes a savior just in the nick of time. Handle September with a double edged sword and adjust your outlook in the same way, a double edged outlook, therein lies success. New sponsors and acquaintances enrich your life and enhance your lives path for a happier future.

CANCER * SHORT TERM TRAVEL BRINGS AGGRAVATION AND ANNOYANCES BUT THEN YOU GAIN CONTROL AT HOME AND ON THE JOB. All of the angst for cancer comes during the first 3 weeks of the month. If you go the the store, they are out of milk. If you are expecting a package it goes to the neighbor who sends it back. If you are late for work you run out of fuel on the way to the gas station, that kind of angst. But don't despair or give up, because by months end conditions improve a lot. Much, "muchacha", a lot. Especially around where you choose to live and among family. That is the real blessing for you Cancer, you experience huge success in breaking through housing and family quagmires.

LEO * CHANGES IN SOCIETY IMPACT HOW YOU WORK AND THE WAY YOU LIVE. ISSUES OF NATIONAL SECURITY LULL YOU OUT OF A DORMANT FRAME OF MIND. Dear Leo, Stay aware of news and current events, pay attention now. Forewarned is forearmed, pussycat, lion, feline being. This is your task in September and ultimately brings you gains, especially financial gains and a good long run of shining success and excitement too over the winter. You are instrumental in spreading information and stirring up action, fight for issues you feel strongly about. Don't back down, get to the bottom of things, be relentless in ferreting out the truth As only a royal sign like Leo can. Analyze and dissect, find the discrepancies. Around the end of the month, Love decisions have to be made. In an intense clash of wills, play your cards close to your chest and listen to the children around you, young energies can be trusted now.

VIRGO * WITH 2 ECLIPSES IN YOUR NATAL SIGN YOU LEARN A LOT ABOUT WHAT MAKES YOU TICK! * Uh Oh spaghettios, what challenges lie before you Virgo. During the first 2 weeks of September you are running against the wind and no matter which way you turn the winds of fortune change too. If you have too, back off and back down, just back off and keep yourself busy and out of the fray. That is the best path to take if you're attempts to correct issues fail or stall. By months end the way you appear to others, to society at large most especially, make you successful. Barriers crumble, work and finances improve and finally you can move forward.

LIBRA * FACE YOUR HIDDEN FEARS * THE LIGHT OF THE ECLIPSES PAVE THE WAY TO SUCCESS! Expect real challenges in the way you communicate with the world. Face the friction and take a good hard look at how you speak, write and even use media to reach others. It may seem like the world is deaf and those around you are not capable of receiving any kind of input. For the first half of September suck it up and handle it. Also take a good hard look at how you appear to others. Divine intervention and salvation comes after the full moon eclipse in Pisces and that is when there is a solution, (finally,) to the hidden energies that have plagued you.That solution is a hard earned, well deserved and long lasting to boot. By your birthday you are finally free from the past.

SCORPIO * BUDGETING AND EVALUATION OF FINANCES LOOM LARGE AND THOSE ENERGIES REQUIRE REDIRECTION! YOU CONVEY YOUR TRUE NEEDS LATE IN THE MONTH! Money challenges loom large during the eclipse period and you may be forced to evaluate and cut out what is not needed and budget the rest. Use your inherent skills and solve these issues early in the month because by months end any secrets or hidden issues are brought to light and your true wants and needs are under the beam of the sun. New friends surround you and intimacy in love reaches a new level.

SAGITTARIUS * HOW DO YOU WANT TO PRESENT YOURSELF TO THE WORLD? DETERMINE WHAT YOU NEED. SUBTLE CHANGE MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE! If you think you are trapped around the home and unsupported by family, bored on the job and just feeling blah, you are correct. Fear not Saggie, tis only temporary and the glimmer of a solution is due by month's end. That glimmer is a positive solution and you know this, so run with it. In the meantime, take a good hard look at your wardrobe and how you present yourself. Much fun and a happy energy has you looking amazing by early October and bodes well for your birthday and the winter holidays.

CAPRICORN * YOUR METAMORPHOSIS ADDS POWER TO LIFE TRANSFORMATION USE IT TO ATTRACT THE BEST AND REPEL THE WORST! Ah, Capricorn life has been a challenge for your sign and this continues, BUT, (there's always a “but,”) very much like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly you are more than ½ way through the struggle pattern that has plagued you for the last 3 years. You gain in power and strength and are able to create a transformation that carries you through to success. Hidden issues and secrets are brought to light during the first half of the month and that inherent power prompts you to let go and repel what no longer works.

AQUARIUS * ESTATES AND INHEIRTANCES AND CURRENT EVENTS * DID YOU FINALLY FINISH THOSE TAXES??? You achieve recognition and fame from writings. You strike on something important and relevant. If you're a student what you learn now is crucial to your future. Engage with others, this month you are a role model for new ways of thinking, and inspire others. Trust your gut instincts they are correct, and very important in business dealings, especially concerning decisions about unknowns. Anything which requires highly perceptive, accurate long-term forecasts where there are uncertain variables are areas in which you excel. You have keen insight into competitors’ motivations, act swiftly and decisively. You are shrewd and can outwit others. Your work and daily affairs bring you contact with people who are outcasts in some way. You get clear insight into their point of view, which may inspire you.

PISCES * DON'T SWIM AWAY TOO FAR * YOUR PARTNERSHIP KNOW HOW IS SORELY NEEDED SO LEND A HAND! While September 2016 is a month of fun, novelty and excitement including meeting new people and talents rediscovered! You have a skill, an ability that you have not used for a long time, in September 2016, events encourage you to use that talent again. It’s about rediscovering what you really enjoy, what makes you happy to be yourself and which helps others too. You feel bold, confident and have a sparkling quality which is highly attractive. As you resurrect dormant talents you strike out and act in a way in which you are able to direct your actions and take control of situations ultimately helping many others along the way. It is not so much about moving in a definite direction or even with a plan, it is about expressing yourself. The pace is fast, events are random, but the break in routine is exciting and spontaneous and there is much excitement in life.

This ends the September Snippets. If you want a reading, go here and order, Mystic Wendy is here for you with answers to your questions.


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