Hello fine readers and good people.  I am updating my website and on a mini-vacation too. I will resume the Monthly Snippets on September 1, 2016. In the meantime visit http://mysticwendy.com/eclipses--retrogrades.html for a wee bit more information on what is in store for humanity over the next 8 weeks. 

Simply put; We have the dog days of august, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on 8/18/16, followed by a Mercury retrograde period in Leo/Virgo and Libra from  8/10/16 to 8/29/16 * Retrograde * 8/30/16 to 9/22/16 * Post shadow * 9/23/166 to 10/6/16, with, (oh goody, goody gum drops,) a New Moon Solar eclipse in Virgo on September 1, and the last eclipse (hoorah,) is a Full moon Lunar eclipse in Pisces on 9/15/16.

No worries come October 1, 2016 the worst is behind us and  we can relax and think about partridges in pear trees and stuff like that,  In the meantime expect to be busier than a one armed paper hanger working side by side with a dude named  Murphy and his laws.

Again once more check out my Eclipses and Retrogrades Page and the first page of My 2016 Yearly Summary for more details;


I will see you all in September, on the first of the month, Be happy and Blessings too, Mystic Wendy


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