It is with deep sorrow that I advise all fine readers that Jonathan Cainer of Cainer Astrology passed away, (died,)  in early May 2016. He will be sorely missed and I would be remiss in my duties to neglect a mention of consolation to this amazing Astrologer. He was known and loved worldwide. Godspeed Johnathon Cainer, you were a man of honor and a legend in our times, I surely hope to meet you in the Ether, the 4th dimension! Until then be well and grow in knowledge and strength  in the alternate dimension where you now reside

June 2016 is a Peter Pan Month. Blame it on Gemini and then go enjoy yourself. To get into the proper groove think youthful innocence. We experience child-like wonder and amazement with all things alive and the power of mother nature. The days are longer than the nights for a wee bit more The weather is warm and moist and life is good all around. These are the “halcyon “ days of late spring, the living is easy.

Groovy, eh? Not quite, nope! Hold on a minute folks because there is much, much more. The June astrology creates Paradoxical Situations in our lives. We have the innocence of Gemini the twins and the need for structure and discipline of Saturn and the elusive dreams just out of reach influence of Neptune.

It is worth a look see at Marina Macario's take on the paradoxical elements of June 2016. She offers insight into the dual nature of Gemini, the polar opposites this Sun sign represents, good twin and bad twin respectively.

In a nutshell June is also an “elitist” month.
All of us have a serious need to get ahead, we are fueled by driving ambition. In order to even come close to meeting the high standards we have set for ourselves, structure, organization, and a focused, mindset is critical. Continual striving to better oneself combined with great endurance and a strong dose of self-discipline is indicated. It is an excellent time to go back to school or attend training of any sort.

We have a strong need for respect and admiration and to a point this is justified, but, (it seems there is always a “but”,) with all that focused self discipline we are showing and all the striving for a better life we are doing this is not as easy breezy as the Gemini Sun appears to make it.

Why? Well, gee it is because of Venus. Jamie Partridge sees June as “a love test” because Venus is overshadowed by the Sun.

Venus in Gemini is combust the Sun. That means that this month she is invisible, hidden by the stronger light of the Sun, completely consumed in a manner of speaking and from an astrological perspective. This does not mean that we have no help or power in matters related to Venus, but (it seems there is always a “but”,) we most definitely must put a whole lot of extra effort into manifesting pleasing results.

Those who stoop to preaching and ramrodding their ideas and beliefs, and/or others who exhibit a bastardized sense of entitlement for money and possessions that are not theirs in the first place or are not honestly earned are in for a rude awakening over the summer because even if they succeed in their desires and especially if criminal behavior is engaged in, or false promises of “salvation” from phony baloney gurus are believed, it still isn't enough to satisfy the longings we experience.

This is how a combust planet manifests, it is somewhat insatiable and in June, Venus is the mischief maker. (For more insight visit Susan Miller)

If it sounds to good to be true or it seems like a fantasy, be careful. It is next to impossible to live up to everything promised now. For gamblers and risk takers know this; moderation is key. Do not overdo or overreach. Although there is luck in June for many, and a warm, loving and nurturing spirit to boot, if you fail you fail big time. And yet it is a personal choice. Hey, you might win too, just be fully aware going in to any situation of what the consequences are, which ever way the kitty decides to jump.

New Moon in Gemini * June 4- 5 (Saturday and Sunday)
Full moon in Sagittarius * June 18 - 19 (Also a Saturday and Sunday)
Mercury leaves Taurus June 6, stays in Gemini until June 21 and remains in Cancer until July 6.
Mars retrograde remains in Scorpio until August 22 but goes direct on Wednesday 6/29

Summer Solstice on Monday June 20th @ 6:34 pm EST This is the longest day, and the shortest night of the year.

Here is how the month plays out for each of the 12 astrological Sun Signs, read on;

ARIES * SKELETONS COME OUT OF THE CLOSET AND REVEAL THE GOLD BURIED LONG AGO. It's like you've gone back in time, to a place far away in a village from long ago. Back to chivalry. Back to a time where noble knights and powerful kings rode in pursuit of quests to win the hearts of those to whom they swore fealty. Gee, sounds cool! So it is. Most of the month is very much like a fairy tale come true and much happiness is in store for you. You also get to travel for pleasure, don't fret, take the trip, it is necessary and enables you to work out problems (in your psyche,) from long ago. That is where the buried gold is and I have no doubt you will find it. Have fun!

Do you know how thunderstorms bring a build up of hot, muggy air that makes your skin crawl? Then, with a loud clap of thunder, an electrical flash of lightning, and a bone soaking soaking downpour, poof, the air clears, the sun shines and the earth smells sweet. That's a good way for Taurus to handle June. If things seem to go wrong, (as they sometimes will,) regain control with communication, not force. Even if life is rosy and dreams are sweet, tra-la, it gets even better when you talk about it and communicate. OK enough already, point made communication is key in all activities all month long. Oh and don't shop until the end of the month as overspending is a no-no. By July 4th, life really is a bowel of cherries!

GEMINI * YOU ARE STRONG AND ALIVE * LIFE IF FRISKY AND FUN! * YOU ARE A ROCK FOR THOSE YOU CHERISH * FAMILY AND FRIENDS ALIKE !  Practically your entire focus for the month of June 2016 will be on boosting the emotional strength and promoting family harmony. you are truly strong in these areas, stronger than you realize perhaps. What you say and do among family and friends makes a difference now, you are listened to, so choose your words and battles wisely. Career growth should be built on an emotional base rather than on personal ambition and by months end it is time to go back to work and earn a few shekels with the blessings of family harmony and grateful friends solidly behind you and your efforts.

CANCER * LOOK BACK AT THE WATERS OF THE PAST * WHAT IS BEHIND YOU IN THE WAKE?  If you feel like you are drowning in a sea of uncertainty the make a conscious effort to go with the flow and allow your subconscious to guide you. In as much as is possible stay true to yourself and be by yourself if you don't feel confident enough to be around others. By month's end, from the 21rst on your hiatus is over and you look and feel better than ever just in time for a really amazing 4th of July and some beach and or water action later in July. If you want to get out and about earlier no worries, meet up with an old flame or hang out with the children, spend time outside, soak up the sun and breathe in the summer air. That makes life a treat for you and those you are with too.

LEO * IF RELATIONSHIPS ARE ON THIN GROUND THE TIMING IS PERFECT TO FIND NEW FRIENDS! It is a good thing for Leo to socialize among close pals and family. But, (it seems there is always a “but”,) if there is an imbalance, such as snobbishness or a stale outworn group mindset then for once Leo can balance the outcome without worrying about repercussions. Do not hesitate to bring“fresh new blood” in your circle of friends and/or business associates.. This is the correct move in June, especially until the 21st. The last 10 days you benefit by getting away from the rat race and spending time with your parents if you can, or just alone prowling around your favorite haunts and private places. After all Leo, you are the one who stepped out of the mold early in the month and made the changes and new friends to benefit your current crowd. As usual you are a royal success and oh so wise too!

Strengthen work and family foundations in June. Certain events make instability in your circumstances crystal clear. You already know that you cannot sustain long term the current events that are unfolding in the present, the here and now. The universe knows this and is forcing you to be responsible. If you deal with the nuts and bolts of your circumstances, the annoying little stuff, the big stuff falls into place, I promise. You see and understand what works and what doesn't work and you deal with it and dispatch it lickety split. Is your Mother at least partially to blame? Probably so. Even still, mercy is not a weakness and she did give birth to the wonderful YOU of the here and now, so take a deep breath and rely on yourself and the “Universal Mother. ”

LIBRA * IF YOU HIDE THEY'LL FIND YOU * FACE THE NATION * THEN JET AWAY FOR AN EDUCATIONAL TOUR IN AN EXOTIC LOCALE! Ok so here it is, the truth, the wholly truth and nothing but the truth. After a ghastly first 3 days of June, the tide turns in your favor. You are quite involved in property matters, a new home or apartment is in your future and financing is available. It is costly but worth it. So go for it and don't worry about your career, that takes care of itself come July. Take that romantic trip mid-month but don't stay away long, you have to finish the negotiations at home, the time is favorable to garner support for projects that launch in late July and August. With the full moon and the summer solstice come the green lights that pave the way to success and there is time for study too, Investigate and initiate, now is the perfect time.

SCORPIO *TIS TIME TO FACE YOUR SHADOW SIDE * OOPS * IS THAT REALLY YOU? Oh, goody, goody gum drops what fun it is to slide into the underworld to face the demons of the past and exorcise the meanest of them from your life. Hee hee this is what Scorpio faces starting in June and carrying over straight through late August. No, Scorpio you cannot punch my face in even if I am teasing you. That would be demonic and the whole point of June is to face your dark, dank, evil shadow side. No Scorpio I will NOT go F*** myself either. I am a Libra and I am here to help you, (snicker, snicker.) THE POINT – Even if you don't want to, even if others are wrong and being mean and petty and you are right, this is your current Life's Quest. Your shadow side you must face. You are loved Scorpio, truly. So get a grip and battle down those demons and dragons. When all is said and done Scorpio is the last one standing to the benefit of the rest of humanity.

SAGITTARIUS * THUNDER HEADS APPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE ALONG WITH OPEN ENEMIES TO CHALLENGE YOUR SOUL * GIDDY-UP AND GO SAGGIE ALL ENDS WELL! Partnerships and Competitors, Contractual negotiations of any sort really, are tough to handle early in June. All of that stuff, the whole megellah. If you are the rare Centaur that is unaffected, don't gloat, it means you experience concern over the health or well being of someone close to you, or another who you used to be close to. There is no way around the stress for Sagittarius until mid-month. Ah, relief at last because yip-yip-yippity-ii-ayy come mid-month you are back in the saddle and star of the rodeo. You handle these issues really well and more than one person or partner benefits too. So as July 4th draws closer I see you cantering off into the dusk, just as happy as a clam.

June is really, really good for evening out old scores and putting your house in order, both psychically and mentally. This keeps you very busy for most of the month and is unavoidable. During the worst of it just grit your teeth and get through it, you Capricorn. Of all the 12 signs are the one that can do this best.(You have the strongest teeth to grit.) So do not hesitate to use those strong teeth and bones that Capricorn is famous for and whip your life into shape, you won't find a better time. Truly, do it NOW, because at the end of the month life takes a turn towards romance and love and GASP, marriage too. Ooh-La-La. Need I say more?

AQUARIUS * YOU FEEL LIKE A BALL BOUNCING AROUND A BOX AND THEN POOF * SUCCESS AT MONTH'S END AND THROUGH JULY TOO! Balls bouncing around inside boxes and you Aquarius schlepping through glue and walking through cob webs. What fun, how delightfully eerie and annoying. Ah, and so brief a period too. Although the first half of the months may be a wee bit discouraging and slow, just STOP and RELAX! I honest in-jun promise and absolutely guarantee that the pace picks up right before the 20th and from then on zoom, zoom, zoom, lets get going because stalled projects are finally moving forward, you get your wish, a dream based on hard work and continuous diligence is right at the point of paying off. Remain alert and attentive to those pesky details, and if in doubt, request a full disclosure.

PISCES. * IF LIFE GETS YOU DOWN PRETEND YOU'RE AND ACTOR IN A PLAY * BY MOTHS END YOU TRULY ARE A SUPERSTAR AND IT SHOWS * YOU SHINE! June starts on an edgy note. You are busy, very busy and it is difficult to please the VIP's. Don't take criticism seriously, the cause is not you, there are issues with male relatives and loved ones surrounding your partner or employer and the criticism is based on their own fear of failure. Ah, the human psyche is so crazy eh? The full moon on the 22nd makes you even more in demand for social events and on project planning, wow. Then at months end a delicious break, a chance to travel a bit perhaps? At home you are comfortable and pleased with yourself. Enjoy the respite of June and July because your career skyrockets in August and you are really in demand and on show, making money too, but of course Pisces, but of course.

Have a blessed June and to speak with Mystic Wendy or order a personalized Chart created especially for You simply click the links below;



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