For all 12 signs, the Short February Snippets for the final winter holiday. This is a shortie snippets because I do not want to add any extra information when it is not needed. March 2016 starts the cosmic New Year and in 2016 the stars agree. But in February we have a brief and blessed interim of peace. So enjoy, worry not about the future, enjoy this brief period of quiet.

Now about the last winter holiday, Candelmas, AKA Valentines Day. Briefly interpreted it is the stirring of the earth Mother, the first breath of life necessary to promote the birth of spring and the growth of crops.

Now about love. Even if you are not dating, everybody has somebody to Love in February. The moon is waxing first quarter in the sign of Aquarius so love is wild and wacky. Traditional gifts, activities and reminders of the past will go further and be more deeply appreciated with a wee bit of flashy in your shows of affection. Think and speak those sweet thoughts with the one you love..

Here's how February 2016 plays out for each of the 12 Astrological Zodiac Sun Signs, read on....
ARIES- Instead of a potent home cooked meal to ignite powerful feelings in a special love affair, try putting on a big spectacle and too do at an exotic locale. It is worth the penalty to keep your love alive!

TAURUS - You do not have to go very far for magic to happen this Valentine's day but you don't mind traveling to get there. Find a picturesque and exotic place in your Lover's neighborhood for the proper atmosphere. This deepens the relationship.

GEMINI - Do not overload Valentine’s day with too many activities, simplicity is the key. Listen, to your love, do not speak, let the emotions show in your face and this magical time with “The One” will bring tears of joy to your eyes.

CANCER - Confidence is absolutely necessary for you to open your heart now. Plan a party with a “romantic” theme followed by a jaunt to a familiar place with your loved ones. The crew at work figures prominently in this years celebration.

LEO - Excellent for a private, intimate evening in a place out of the way. Instead of coming on too sexy, be more comfortable, it is okay to be soft and to stretch out and play. Expose your vulnerability, let your lover meet your needs for a change.

VIRGO - The spirit of the This Valentine’s day is open, generous and supple, divide it between friends. Make it more of a homey event. Plan ahead, remain flexible and don't get lost in the details, it is your Show lovely Virgo.

LIBRA - Although you are inspired you may have to celebrate without him/her as he/she is burdened with responsibilities and obligations. It is wise to be less ambitious in love, the softness of chocolate and roses and candlelight dinners will be here soon, so keep it simple.

SCORPIO - Be protective, set the stage with hot chili peppers, ethnic foods and artsy films. Use music to add an exotic air to your love tryst. You may not even have to leave the house to have an unforgettable journey.

SAGITTARIUS - Your passion and the enthusiasm are toned down this year. You are prudent and protective. A soft, comfortable approach will be more enticing than a public noisy place when you are with your true love today.

CAPRICORN - A very romantic and special Valentine Day. Put aside your ambitions, expectations and considerations and let the merger of two hearts beating as one flow easily without being concerned where this connection leads. You do not have to be organized to find the perfect plan, vulnerability is far more inviting and brings the most elegant of perfect settings to you and your beloved.

AQUARIUS - Do not be so intelligent and original today that a brilliant idea eclipses simple emotions. Create a special romantic atmosphere with curlicue notes and chocolate fondue. Serve your love and be served, whisper in each others ears, this opens a direct path to the heart, Ahh, it is heavenly!

PISCES - Your imagination holds the spark that takes you beyond the daily limits of your love routine. Two hearts can beat out the same rhythm and like magic you create something sentimental together as you dance the night away.

With Joyful Blessings and Love to All on Valentines Day and Beyond From Mystic Wendy!



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