Hello, hello fine readers and my-oh-my what a summer it has been. Such jollity and action, so many friends, so little time. So many places to go, things to do and people to see, I am weary just reviewing it in my mind.

But, (seems there's always a “but,”) at last the summer nears it's end and there is a taste of autumn in the wind. The inevitability of the changing of the seasons makes us aware of our duties and responsibilities, (yikes,) and for just a moment we feel melancholy. So much seems to be left unfinished, we just are not ready yet.

But, ready or not, the change of the seasons is upon us, Labor Day weekend is right around the corner, and after that last summer celebration, comes the brief period of Indian Summer which causes the leaves on the trees to burst into a fury of reds and golds. So be happy, fine people, enjoy natures beauty and look forward to fall and winter.

The above prose simply set the tone for September 2015. There is far more activity than is first apparent. Let's take a closer look at the stars in the sky and the movement of the planets, as those heavenly bodies do indeed influence each and every one of us individually and in our communities.

First and perhaps the most important of all the aspects involves Venus. She has been retrograde in Leo, for ever so long, (since July 23rd, ) and with the shadow period, even longer than that, she actually began to slow down on July 5th. Happily, she makes station, ( stands stock still in the sky,) turns around and moves forward again on Sunday September 6. She retraces her steps and arrives back where she started in the sign of Virgo on October 9th.

So, over the Labor Day weekend party hardy because this is truly the last opportunity to do so this summer. Mars and Venus meet up during this period so there is much passion in relationships. In love affairs specifically, (and to a certain extent in employment matters,) this is a dangerous period because of the build up of Venus retrograde energies from early August, ( around the 6th.)

Our passions are aroused, petty annoyances can lead us astray. Each of you know in your heart what I speak of. In August did you choose to act like a psychopath, with no empathy for others? Or did you cower in fear, refusing to take action? Now those actions or in-actions yield results, be they good or bad. Either way you must deal with them and finish what is left undone.

Now, in the week following Labor Day comes The Solar Eclipse, ( new moon,) in Virgo. Just as the rising sun indicates the beginning of a new day, Solar Eclipses bring new beginnings. They usher in new opportunities. Solar eclipse news is never stale, it bursts forth in an exciting and undeniable manner, like a brass band marching while trumpets blare out unexpected and newsworthy events to the masses.

Gee, the Sun is in Virgo, the New Moon is eclipsed in Virgo, Jupiter is in Virgo too. That's a whole lot of “Virgo” energy to deal with and bodes well for our yearly harvests and winter plantings. It is a truly fine example of the old adage, “You Reap What You Sow!”

(NOTE: there is an indication of severe electrical storms during this period so keep the spare batteries handy.)

Not to be left out of the fray, Mother Moon arrives 14 days hence, on September 27th and 28th in the form of a Lunar Eclipse, (full moon,) in Aries. Hmm, the Sun is in Libra, the eclipsed moon is in Aries.

Libra and Aries are cosmic lovers, never were they husband and wife, oh no, their passion developed away from their legal spouses. This is a highly sexual pairing and not conducive to maintaining social standards and obeying societies rules. The attraction is is of a clandestine nature. In all relationships, not just love affairs, there is an inherent danger of finding out that you are in some way expendable.

Further explanation is necessary. Lunar Eclipse energy is emotional. It manifests as extreme emotional episodes, and this specific eclipse indicates finality. Just as the seasons wane and Summer ends to allow Autumn to arrive in style, so the cosmic lovers, Mars and Venus make their stand and reveal their passions to the outside world during this eclipse and this is a result of activities, (especially clandestine activities,) that came to light over Labor Day.

It is a fine line we walk with this lunar eclipse, and if an affair of the heart ends now, or a job is lost or you quarrel with a friend or family member then that relationship is well and truly over. The door is closed and there is no going back, the only way to go is forward. Take a sentimental, (and emotional,) look at the past and then move ahead on as new paths beckon. You must let go and trust yourself and your innate intuition, it speaks to you and guides you properly now, trust it.

By the end of September you know exactly which way the kitty jumps and you also know exactly what you need to do. Because Mercury in Libra is also retrograde from Thursday, September 17th to Friday, October 9th for many of us this indicates further delays and having to return to old ground, (literally,) to clean up the past. (More on Mercury retrograde in a future post.) No worries, everyone has until the end of the year to work out the details, there is an abundance of time available to tend to details.

Mighty Jupiter in Virgo cautions us to be aware that discretion is the larger part of valor. We do not feel the pleasing benefits of this placement until spring of 2016, and for the rest of 2015 there is a strong tendency to go overboard, to over exaggerate and be overly optimistic. Do not fall prey to excess this is a trap.

Those who “overdo” in any area of their life are exposed. This is the true gift of Jupiter, the ability to expand and take control in a wise and just fashion. That's the ticket folks, make wise use of your power, share the wealth and cooperate with others. Behaving in a just manner brings long term success and staunch loyalty from those who have willingly helped you.

OK, moving right along here, lets sum up the September discourse by taking a hard look at what all this Virgo energy means and how we can benefit;

  1. Right after Labor Day we need to focus on and apply unstinting effort to the parts of life that require attention, be they domestic issues or financial affairs. The energy is available, ( Virgo precision,) to successfully overcome challenges and master the unruly energies.

  2. In doing so, avoid micro-managing and multi-tasking. Be smart enough to delegate responsibility to others who have your back in whatever area you are weak and they are strong. In this manner you meet with success. Multi-tasking is ineffective, a no- no so texting, tweeting or face booking at work, taking lunch on the run or wolfing down food at your desk is just plain stupid and leaves you stressed and annoyed. For this period multi-tasking makes proper communication next to impossible. Work smart not hard!

  3. Be ambitious and accept the power you wield, (we all gain power in September even if we don't really want it,) and use it in a wise and just manner. There is a misguided belief amongst some of humanity that proper use of power requires abuse of authority.

    Bullying others is cowardly behavior, Having to make someone else look bad in a desperate attempt to make yourself look good is a losers goal. Manipulating and coercing others to perform dastardly deeds is true stupidity, “donkey” like behavior, and those who fall prey to using these methods end up being the north end of a south bound “donkey,” plainly spoken they are real asses!

  4. There are very real opportunities to better yourself in September. To wield your power effectively and in a responsible manner, take fellowship with others. Be in tune with those around you, use your intuition to suss out their strengths and ease their insecurities.

    A quiet, gentle word spoken at the proper time and delivered with empathy and compassion creates long term loyalty amongst peers. Be aware of others talents and interests and blend these qualities with your own, carefully, to separate the wheat from the chaff. This behavior attracts the right people at the right time and opens the door to further success,of a long term nature.

Finally, and before we move into the ”snippets” section of this forecast let's take a sneak peek at October 2015.

First we celebrate Sawain, which is the real Halloween and always occurs at the dark of the moon in October. In 2015 this occurs on Monday 10/12 with the dark moon in Libra, (not so spooky.) Venus is in Virgo all month long, (fun at work,) Mars is in Virgo, (until around Thanksgiving,) Mercury is in Libra and in retrograde motion for the first half of the month, and moves into Scorpio on Monday, November 2. The new moon falls in Libra on October 13 and the full moon in Taurus on October 27th.

Whew, October is certainly action packed and we can expect closure in personal affairs and a shift of goals and plans by months end. (Stay tuned for further details.)

So, now that we know what is what and who is where let's take a look at how September plays out for each of the Horoscopes for the 12 Astrological Sun Signs;

ARIES * You're a great ball of fire on the job * Failure is not an option because you head the committee. * If a lover isn't meeting you half way then it is time to move on.

TAURUS * You seek to manifest new conditions and leave the past behind. Use the best of the past to move into the future. Your current tasks are complete by the winter solstice.

GEMINI * You say you want a revolution but is this the best way to find a solution? Mull over your options while tidying up your home space.

CANCER * Career issues are back on track after Labor Day which eases financial pressures. Changes in your domestic situation are pending but hold off until late October if you can.

LEO * New horizons beckon especially on the career front. Money matters to you now and you shine like a superstar in your pursuit of the wealth you have earned and worked hard for. Others notice this.

VIRGO * The dreams of your past appear tarnished in some way. You just might discover that you no longer need them. Family matters require attention and new love is right around the corner just in time for the holidays.

LIBRA * Communications are Key especially mid-month. * Life is different now, happier and easier too * You wear change well.

SCORPIO * Save your money and stick to your budget. A project you have worked on forever is finally finished, and new challenges manifest. Take it slow and steady to achieve long term success.

SAGITTARIUS * There is light at the end of the tunnel with legal issues, especially in the second half of the month. You have the edge in your career and when one door closes another one opens to your advantage.

CAPRICORN * Do your current hopes and dreams really improve your life circumstances? Mull over options honestly to find the courage to begin anew. You begin to regain your personal power in a more realistic fashion.

AQUARIUS * Trust in miracles and magic. They do exist as you shall soon see. Strive to free others who are weak and lend a helping hand to friends.

PISCES * Hang on to your hat after the 13th because past deeds are brought into sharp focus. Rewards are due and career kudos await. If this not so, don't worry you succeed spectacularly the 2nd time around.



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