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Hello, hello, hello fine readers and good people, thanks for dropping by and having a look see, this is appreciated!

The theme of this Blue moon and Venus retrograde post is all about PLAYING.

Yes, playing, because the concept of playfulness is the the predominant influence for the rest of the summer and into the fall season. More so than usual. Hence, how we play, personally and professionally deserves further clarification and explanation.

The time is perfect to evaluate and re-evaluate how we play, who we play with, why we play with them, and the way we play with them. For the rest of the summer we get to have fun and fool around and play. That's all to the good. But, (it seems there's always a “but,”) let's take a closer look at how we choose to play.

We can play for keeps. We can play to win. We can pay to play. We can play down and dirty. We can play it close to our chest, and so on........
There are several astrological transits that deserve a mention as they are quite relevant to the outcome of our summer entertainment and merriment. (How we choose to play.)

Not only do we have the Blue moon, ( two full moons in a calendar month are called “Blue Moons' and double the energy of the month involved,) in Aquarius on Friday July, 31st, Venus is now retrograde for real until September 6th and she moves back into Leo on the same day as the Aquarius full moon on 7/31. Venus has been in Virgo since 7/18 and Venus is officially retrograde as of 7/25 in Virgo.

Venus in Virgo is helpful, chaste, organized, willing to lend a helping hand and an expert at tidying up messiness. That's where we are at now, 7/27/15.

Venus in Leo wants to party. Actually that's an understatement. Venus in Leo parties no matter what. Wild horses, (gazillions of them,) couldn't stop Venus in Leo from partying, neigh, wild horses, (gazillions of them,) can't even slow Venus in Leo parties down, not one bit. (All puns are intentional.)

So we have an odd type of reversal, all of our good intentions, all of the hard work and diligent effort we put into getting ourselves truly organized over the past 2 weeks goes kaputsky, fast and hard starting with the Blue moon on 7/31 which also happens to be a Friday.

Furthermore and alas, we don't care very much at all because we are having boatloads of fun. If you are one of the few who actually does care about keeping up with your duties and maintaining a sense of practicality then make sure you have some chill pills or peppermint tea or something, (anything,) to help you cope with this unbridled and shamefully decadent lack of responsibility and the seemingly endless merriment.

This is due to Venus retrograde in Leo. For months I have been proselytizing about Venus retrograde and now, finally it is here! Ta Da! It is a time of fairy dust and enchantment, magical moments and star crossed love affairs. Impractical attitudes and insanely inappropriate attractions. (The insane attraction part is due to the Aquarius blue moon, because Aquarians are eccentric and kind of nuts even without Venus retrograde to egg them on.)

And guess what folks, for once in our lives, that's okay. At least until mid August live for the moment, party like crazy, enjoy life and don't worry too much, ( just a wee bit of worry will suffice,) because on August 11th Jupiter struts into Virgo for a whole year and when that happens each and every one of us regain our sanity, (poof we are suddenly aware again,) and want nothing more than to get back to work. Responsibility beckons, and with the help of mighty Jupiter in Virgo, we heed the summons.

We still want-to party like crazy on our days off, and we are still absolutely positive that the inappropriate attraction to you know who is the answer to our dreams, but hey, we like working, it is fun, it pay the bills and our co-workers are full of good ideas for playing around after work too.

Busy as beavers we shall be, what fun !

This is the difference between Leo and Virgo. Regal Leo is all about self service, personal glory and just plain having fun with everyone who is willing, and Sensible Virgo is all about helping to clean up after Leo. Service to others is what makes Virgo tick. Restoring order after the Leo party makes Virgo happy. (Take heart Virgo's, come mid August you get to clean up after Leo and organize until the cows come home and beyond.)

Now on a personal level, a one on one basis the Blue Moon and Venus retrograde bring a long lasting learning curve to each of us.

Individually we experience a resurrection of past events and karma. Anything in our lives that we have been avoiding or that we fear or that has been left unfinished, no matter the reason, these are the issues we find ourselves dealing with.

We cannot and should not avoid this, don't struggle with it, deal with it. If a past love returns, or a new, (and usually inappropriate,) love appears, well this is the way it is supposed to be and even though things could go either way, for or against you and the other, still the opportunity is available to correct or enhance the relationship. Understand that this period is a learning experience, a gift from the universe to each and every one of us for soul growth and the gaining of true wisdom.

It is important to note that there is time to work through events, so don't rush. Think carefully and evaluate situations properly. Be honest with yourself. Now and straight through until early October is NOT the time to make hard and fast decisions,cut yourself some slack, think things through and take your time before making permanent or irrevocable moves of any kind, especially in personal reltionships.

Touching again on Venus retrograde here are some important tips on what NOT to do and what works too;

  1. It is a really rotten time to get married, postpone it.

  2. Do NOT open a new business, it will initially be successful then it will crash, period. It is a GOOD time for “one and done” ad campaigns and short term moneymaking ventures in current businesses, these activities bring money to the business person, again it is “one and done” income.

  3. Plastic surgery is a no-no, worse than marriage, postpone it. The same holds true for changing hairstyles and wardrobes.

  4. Buy second hand items and haunt thrift shops and yard sales, there are treasures to be found.

  5. If you need an attorney then surprisingly, Venus retrograde is a good time to find and hire one.

So that is the scoop for the Blue Moon in Aquarius on July 31st and the Venus retrograde in Leo transit. This period is happening right now and remains in force for the rest of the summer. Although Venus goes direct on September 6, 2015 the forward shadow period continues until October 9th and then she is back to where she started at, 0 degrees of Virgo.

Stay tuned for the August Zodiac Snippets and be happy and healthy and have a whole lot of fun until then. Spread good cheer and joy, live and love with all of your heart and soul, enjoy summertime, the living is easy now for a little while longer,

Mystic Wendy

To get connected by phone and get 3 free minutes right away just click the link below and register online.  Enter  promo code " mystic2014 ' 




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