Hello, hello, hello good readers and fine people. It is a pleasure to be back and writing after a wee break, (sorely needed.) I feel strong and frisky and back on track so let's get started right away with the juicy morsels and succulent tidbits that await us all in July 2015.

The Gemini Mercury Retrograde is well and truly finished as of June 27th and Mercury enters Cancer, (to join up with Mars who is already there,) on July 3rd and this bodes well for the National 4th of July holiday celebration. Enjoy yourselves, the Fireworks displays shall be magnificent, the food better than magnificent and the atmosphere brave and loving, with a strong emphasis on family ties and solidarity. Salute the American Flag, and when the National Anthem plays, sing along, like so;

“Oh say can you see in the dawns early light how proudly she hails in the twilight's last gleaming....... And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air gave proof to the night that our flag was still there. Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave, in the land of the free and the home of the brave. (Francis Scott Key wrote these lyrics in 1814 as a poem and it was put to music in 1931.)”

Let me repeat this savvy advice, have a grand old time and wherever you find your self and whoever  you bring along, enjoy yourself. Salute the American Flag, and when this Patriotic Ballad plays sing along, like so;

“This land is my land this land, this land is your land, from California to the New York Island. From the redwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters this land was made for you and me..............”

OK we all had a jolly good time over the July 4th weekend and Now Monday morning July 6th dawns bright and clear and guess what? Well gee party time is over folks, so let's take stock of the current state of affairs as it pertains to the rest of Summer and into mid Autumn 2015.

Foremost, by the first Monday in July we are already 2 days into the shadow period of Venus retrograde in Leo which lasts straight through until the end of September. The shadow station began on Sunday July 5th, 2015 while we were nursing our hangovers and eating leftover potato salad and Boston Baked Beans. Additionally, Saturn has retrograded back into the sign of Scorpio until September 17th and then all of this retrograde blast from the past energy culminates with the Autumn Solar and Lunar eclipses in late September and early October in the sun signs of Virgo and Libra and not to be left out of the fray, the final Mercury retrograde of the year merges and mingles with the Libra eclipse while the sun is in the sign of Libra.

So what does this mean? Ah, that is a really important question. And relatively easy to answer too.

What it means fine readers is that we have a brief period of time, 95 days or so to go back to the past and change the future.

It's really quite simple and each and every one of us already knows exactly what part of the past is affecting our current lives. We already know who and what is involved, when it started, why we have to finish it and how it was left undone to begin with, oh so long ago. So that is the easy part. The hard part is to find the courage within ourselves to face the demons from our past, in whatever form they may appear, slay them and lay them to rest, once and for all.

That is where the Venus retrograde energy is helpful. For many of us, (myself included,) there is no escape from the past. You can't outrun it and you can't hide from it. You can't ignore and hope it will just  disappear because you already know that it won't.

So the retrograde energy forces us to face the past by creating blockages to future momentum until what is left unfinished is well and truly done and dealt with. Then and only then can we move forward with hope and confidence and in 2015 this happy time manifests by the Thanksgiving holidays with the autumn eclipse energy and Mercury retrograde in Libra sealing the final deal on past events in September and October.

So that is where it is at right now good people. Simply put, beginning on July 5th and continuing straight through until November 1, 2015 we encounter purposeful movement and unexpected events.

There exists both the opportunity and the obligation to prepare for a brighter future by settling issues from the past. Gee, folks it can't be that hard to do and even though it sounds a bit crazy and contradictory, that is the beauty of it all. The results are both fixed and random and ultimately long lasting so that is all to the good, this air of confusion, fluctuation and finality.

Now there are many other influences along the way that are relevant to the final outcome. They include the monthly lunar cycles, and this month we have 2 full moons. The first is on July 2, and is in Capricorn which means that the second full moon in Aquarius on 7/30/15 is a “Blue Moon” and this is special because it doubles the available energy. The relatively fast movement of the planets Mars and Jupiter, plus the erratic energy of Uranus in Aries and the nebulous dream state of Neptune in Pisces also bear mention. These energies lend the elements of courage, hope, excitement, lucky breaks, unexpected events, prophetic dreams and visionary quests to the mix of events.

(Stay tuned for further posts as these lunar events unfold.)

So, here is a wee bit of advice; don't try to understand the contradictions or force a single result, just fix what you need to fix from the past as best as you can once and for all and be grateful for the lucky breaks and divine intervention granted along the way. I promise that Venus retrograde delivers relationship magic and enchantment in love affairs and this is also a part of the summer fun, these magical moments and events that occur for each of us individually. No worries, you'll know exactly when this is occurring, magic is magic and cannot be ignored, just accepted with awe and amazement.  Relish it, this all too brief period of magical enchantment, enjoy the beauty of the moment, so as to remember it forever and ever and ever joyfully.

Regarding financial matters, Venus retrograde brings money to the businessman, welcome financial relief, hard earned, much deserved but, (it seems there is always a but,)  it is a brief period of profit, not a long term gain. Take the money anyway and enjoy the largesse for a spell, live and love, take a vacation.

With all of the above kept firmly in mind here is how July plays out for each of the 12 Zodiac Signs, read on;


Although you have had to deal with rough and tough circumstances things are lightening up. Continue to have the courage to change the things you can, the patience to accept what you cannot change and  the wisdom to make sure you know the difference between the 2 options. Think carefully before overdoing any one thing, be it drinking, smoking, or spending money. For the brave Aries Soldiers and Soldierettes it is essential to maintain order amongst your adoring and loyal supporters, (a motley crew at the best of times,) because they need the stability and strength you exude effortlessly. Then relax because serious fun is on the horizon by months end, ooh-la-la!


Expect a blast from the past to surface in close relationships. Whatever is unfinished and whomever it is unfinished with takes precedence in your life now. There is no wiggle room here, and you must face this. You feel weak and vulnerable around the 18th, so rest and no long term decision making yet. You find the bounce in your step and the twinkle in your eye returns by the last week of July and the Blue Moon in Aquarius brings solutions to the forefront. You know what to do and when to do it and that brings wonderful results this fall. So hold steady Taurus, this too shall pass and be sorted out in the most delightful way.


Hey Gemini can you feel it? Can you feel it coming and can you feel it calling you? Good luck and opportunity are right outside your door, all month long, wow. New opportunities are nipping at your heels and hanging from your coattails so take advantage of the largesse the universe is sending you. A wonderful and heartwarming summer awaits your sign and all you have to do to enjoy every last second of fun and good luck is to open the door and let it in. Even more good news comes your way when you hit the road with your honey by your side and cruise around your locale, enjoying the journey step by step.


Money issues are highlighted for your sign, all summer long. And family matters related to money issues. Ah shucks Cancer, you know exactly what I am talking about here and even though you may be a tad unsure of how best to handle these matters, no worries, you have time, plenty of time to sort it all out. Along the way you get good sound advice and the opportunity to take a bad situation and turn it right round to a good circumstance that benefits more than one person along the way. So, July sees you accepting powerful responsibilities and handling each and every one with diplomatic aplomb.


Much on the Leo life scope resolves itself this summer starting right now in July. Any areas where you have been royally screwed are revealed and many areas where you may of gone a  teensy weensy bit overboard yourself are also highlighted and emphasized. This sounds a bit harsh, but take heart Oh Royal One because it is wholly necessary and ultimately you benefit, (especially financially.)  Soon you'll see exactly what I mean, that this Summer period of exposure and aggravation not only brings you closure in legal matters, there is a nice chunk of money on the way too. So settle the past, finish it once and for all, take the money and prepare to move forward into new and happier horizons mid-fall.

My oh my hasn't Virgo had fun over the past month. Outstanding issues affecting your long term well being have been handled magnificently and now you face the challenge of being honest with yourself about who your friends are and what you really want and need in love and relationships. This is where being by yourself and meditating really, really, helps you. Virgo is loyal to a fault and that is the issue this month. If you are not getting what you need in love or partnerships then face this and fix it, you are wanted and needed and loved by so many, it is a must to sort it all out.

Excitement surrounds you, much good energy manifests. July brings a responsibility to keep the good vibrations going and strengthen them. To accomplish this carefully evaluate the quality and depth of your relationships and partnerships. Know when to let go. If you are sure that you cannot fix it, leave it. If it is fixable and there is a benefit then you receive help mid month and this is especially true in regards to medical issues and any type of hidden or secret situations. This trend continues all summer long, and the long term benefits last for years so don't be afraid to face facts and deal with them now while the time is right.


Employee morale on the work front is at an all time low, too many chiefs, not enough indians and  this you see quite clearly. If you feel like you are surrounded by a clowder of idiots you are correct, but, (it seems there's always a but,)  you have all the right traits to rise above this. Patience, loyalty, empathy and a stubborn ability to hang in there and be the last soul standing, brave and steadfast until the very end of the road. Whether or not this is clear to you Scorpio, other people who are important to your success both personally and professionally know this all too well and need your help, give it freely, you'll get it back 3-fold.


If not for your inherent goodness Saggie, that deep seated sense of hope and justice with which you point and let fly your fiery arrows, the rest of the world would be a sad, dreary place, alone and forlorn. So don't worry too much about how events unfold in July, August and September. Romp and play. Prance and dance the nights away for now. Have fun and live life to the very fullest. You come into your own sense of power by Christmas and then even more so next year. The single exception to this is that if you are involved in real estate transactions, buy or sell. Right now. Then gallop off and shoot those flaming arrows of justice into the warm summer night skies, canter and play and enjoy the summer madness..........


What challenges your sign has faced over the past 6 months. You have seen dreams come true, had wishes granted and then dealt with bubble bursting disappointment and life changing events that have shattered your world in many ways. Over the summer and starting right now in July you are able to take control of your life situation, face up to past mistakes and deal with the crushing reality of relationship events that have left you feeling crippled. All the while amidst all of this intense enlightenment you also get to meet a few new friends and have a whole lot of fun, all month long. You are stronger and wiser now then ever before and success is yours!


Hey my eccentric and brilliant Aquarius. You have much unfinished business to tend too. paperwork left undone, places to go, things to do and injustices to make right. Now that's a lot for anybody to handle and you are no exception alas.With that being said there is much to look forward to in July. You'll have fun, fun, fun all summer long and even make strides in your career and work BUT, (there's always a but,) pay attention to the fine print in legal contracts and documents and keep the secret stuff, (you know what I mean,) close to your chest, safe and snug and private.


For Pisces forward movement is crucial. Especially pertaining to work and health and career matters. So if you need a new car now just go buy it, yours is the only sun sign that has the green light in matters of transportation purchases during the Venus retrograde period. If you must be pushy in July, be pushy on the business front, not in love, no, no, no, keep affairs of the heart as light as a kite. There is much interesting activity in health and business for Pisces, these 2 areas co-mingle and the end result is that your power is growing, slowly but surely you gain sure footing and by years end you are a force to be reckoned with! Best make sure that car has oil and gas, so it purrs as you cruise.



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