Let's take a look at the “Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and sort it all out. That way we still have time to stop and smell the roses. Most certainly we'll have to work on calming ourselves and others but when all is said and done the end result is “Good. ” Because this is the “Flower Moon,” time is available to enjoy simple pleasures after facing tense, uncertain circumstances and overcoming challenges.

Expect a confrontation with something dark and ugly that needs to be exposed and brought into the open so that healing can occur.

The Ugliest issue surrounding the full moon in Scorpio is the Exposure of Bad Secrets. Especially in business partnerships and money matters. More specifically, expect a revealing of theft and betrayal involving “OPM” Other Peoples Money. This includes taxes, debts, loans, inheritances and joint finances.

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By harnessing the Full Moon Light and Energy, (similar to meditation and group prayer,) we Reveal the Bad by Exposing the Ugly and then Transform all of that yucky guck into a positive force yielding a “Good,” result that is long lasting and beneficial.  
So in May with the Full Moon in Scorpio we become truly wealthy souls, at least spiritually speaking and not far off are are the financial rewards, they come in just a couple of months.... with the Venus Retrograde in Leo/Virgo.

Part of this positivity is because Jupiter in Leo is no longer retrograde, he turned direct in mid April, and now moves forward at a brisk and steady pace for the rest of the year so we reap the benefits straight through December 2015. For the most part, this energy is positive, and a significant part of this largesse is because Jupiter in Leo rules both the concept of Justice and organized religion.

But, (seems there's always a but,) Jupiter also creates expansion. It magnifies.. In May what is expanded and magnified is the intensity of the circumstances that need to be revealed and brought to light for better or worse.

In the USA the results are quite obvious with the currently misguided push for an overhaul to policy of Policing of our citizens and the opposing dilemma of controlling the ignorant masses, most of whom are clueless as to why they are rioting, but are rioting nevertheless just for the sheer joy of wreaking havoc and destruction.

(I am including the parable “The Freedom Parrot,” and shall continue to do so in every discourse I publish until the shenanigans are over, so no doubt we will all know it by heart come October.)

So, this full moon in Scorpio presents all of us an opportunity to be uncomfortable and experience tension in order to secure a positive result or accomplish the impossible. The potential to win big is available so take a chance, go for it.

We play for keeps and shoot to win. We take chances, and toss the dice, hoping against hope that our gamble pays off big even though we know that the odds are stacked against us.

No matter what you seek, success in Love, Monetary riches, a Promotion, a new Career, now is the time to pursue your dreams. You may not win, but you will not lose and there will still be time to stop and smell the roses along the way,


A man, a great man, a fighter for freedom was traveling in the mountains. He stayed in a caravan for a night. He was amazed by a beautiful parrot in a golden cage, continually repeating "Freedom! Freedom!" And it was such a place that when the parrot repeated the word "Freedom!" it would go on echoing in the valleys, in the mountains. The man thought: "I have seen many parrots, and I have thought they must want to be free from those cages... but I have never seen such a parrot whose whole day, from the morning to the evening when he goes to sleep, is spent in calling out for freedom." 

He had an idea. In the middle of the night, when the owner was fast asleep, he got up and opened the door of the cage. He whispered to the parrot, "Now get out." But he was very surprised that the parrot was clinging to the bars of the cage. He said to him again and again, "Have you forgotten about freedom? Just get out! The door is open and the owner is fast asleep; nobody will ever know. You just fly into the sky; the whole sky is yours." 

But the parrot was clinging so deeply, so hard, that the man said, "What is the matter? Are you mad?" He tried to take the parrot out with his own hands, but the parrot started pecking at him, and at the same time he was shouting "Freedom! Freedom!" The valleys in the night echoed and re-echoed, but the man was also stubborn; he was a freedom fighter. 

He pulled the parrot out and threw him into the sky; and he was very satisfied, although his hand was hurt. The parrot had attacked him as forcefully as he could, but the man was immensely satisfied that he had made a soul free. He went to sleep. In the morning, as the man was waking up, he heart the parrot shouting, "Freedom! Freedom!" He thought perhaps the parrot must be sitting on a tree or on a rock. But when he came out, the parrot was sitting in the cage. The door was open. 

Enjoy Life and be blessed and Happy from Mystic Wendy!  



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