Sub Title; “Life is but a “PARABLE” of successful living!”
                                                                        (Deep, very deep so pay attention fine readers).

While there is no guarantee of success the opposite is also true, there is no guarantee of failure either. In fact, there are no guarantees of any kind at all. Period.
                                             OOPS * GULP * “Moan in fear” * YIKES!

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Wait a moment, quiet please, it isn't as bad as it sounds, truly. I mean it, life is not bad or doomed or difficult with this lunation. Not at all. But, (there's always a “But,”) there is a certain energy specific to spring that can feel daunting.

We see and feel the change in the seasons, the specter of summer looms large in our minds, like an oasis it shimmers, seemingly near and stretches out long before us for many months into the future.

Our hopes and dreams and all those plans and ideas that have germinated in our souls over the coldest part of winter have taken root and push against us, until we feel that surely we will burst if we cannot act, right now, immediately and against all odds, (what ever they may be,) no matter how unrealistic, no matter how overwhelming, no matter what our common sense is telling us.

Hence, (none of us want to burst,) we act. We Must Act, there is no other choice but to act, we want to act and We Do Act.

So the time to act is now, no more waiting around and planning, nope. Any more “planning' runs the risk of turning into “scheming” and yields negative results. In many ways it is “now or never.” But, there's always more than one “but,” and in this case it is a good “but,” prior to boldly pushing forth into the wild blue yonder and embracing early summer wholeheartedly take a second or two and think about what you are acting on.

Make use of the insight obtained during the Libra Full Moon Lunar eclipse and integrate that knowledge into your actions. Those of you who have mused and reflected upon the quality of your relationships now know with a quiet certainty whether you are getting the love and appreciation you need. There is also an acceptance of responsibility for our personal actions, we are honestly aware of what we have given and withheld and why we have acted or failed to act.

This knowledge is a personal and private thing for each of us and that is okay. That is good and that is just, it is how it must be. Our private thoughts are to be treasured and kept close to our hearts, locked tightly into our personal sense of self and used as the well of courage that is necessary to give us that extra push to begin the journey into a new space, a different way of life, a new season.

So if you are feeling like the cowardly lion and uncertainty plagues your steps and you dread the thought of moving forward, well then, no worries. Just stop, (for a wee second only,) take a step back and concentrate. You know what I mean, focus on that part of your life that is in need of organization or revision. The very areas of life that you have so diligently avoided focusing on.

If you have no idea what this could possible be then I humbly offer up the following hints;

(A) You don't even want to think about it facing it, because it is just plain hard or worse, boring.

(B) Once you do face it it's going to take longer than you thought and involve even more work than you could of possibly imagined to get it all sorted out.

(C) In spite of studious procrastination you know you're going to have to face it anyway.

Ok, the worst is over, draw upon that well of personal courage and ACT. Do it because you must, do it because you want to and do it because you can, thus you will. And take heart fine readers, for it is spring, the earth refreshes itself and smells so good, the flowers are blooming and look so pretty and love is in the air with every gentle caress of the spring breeze.

When you look at life like that you know beyond the shadow of any doubt that you cannot lose and Act accordingly!


The concept of “Parables” have recently come to my attention and I find them fascinating. So, fine readers I must offer up 2 parables to enhance the importance and flavor of this New Moon in Aries discourse.

(No worries, if you get confused or can't figure out the meanings of life I am available by phone, CLICK HERE, or “Chat” "Just Click Here" or you can order an emailed chart “Now Click Here!” and All shall be clarified!)

So, what is a “Parable?

A parable is a short tale that illustrates a universal truth. It sketches a setting, describes an action, and shows the results. They often involve characters who face a moral dilemma or who make a bad decision and then suffer the unintended consequences.

Although the meaning of a parable is not explicitly stated, it is not hidden or secret, quite the opposite, the leson to be learned is straightforward and obvious. The defining characteristic of the parable is the presence of a subtext suggesting how a person should behave or what he should believe. Aside from providing guidance and suggestions for proper conduct in one's life, parables frequently use metaphorical language which allows people to more easily discuss difficult or complex ideas.

So for this Aries New Moon I have chosen 2 “parables” the first addresses the fear of moving ahead on a new path and “freeing' oneself and the second is short and sweet and concerns implementing the concept of the “Golden Rule,” “Do Unto Others and You Would Have Others Do Unto You!
  1. The Freedom Parrot!
    A man, a great man, a fighter for freedom was traveling in the mountains. He stayed in a caravan for a night. He was amazed by a beautiful parrot in a golden cage, continually repeating "Freedom! Freedom!" And it was such a place that when the parrot repeated the word "Freedom!" it would go on echoing in the valleys, in the mountains. The man thought: "I have seen many parrots, and I have thought they must want to be free from those cages... but I have never seen such a parrot whose whole day, from the morning to the evening when he goes to sleep, is spent in calling out for freedom."

    He had an idea. In the middle of the night, when the owner was fast asleep, he got up and opened the door of the cage. He whispered to the parrot, "Now get out." But he was very surprised that the parrot was clinging to the bars of the cage. He said to him again and again, "Have you forgotten about freedom? Just get out! The door is open and the owner is fast asleep; nobody will ever know. You just fly into the sky; the whole sky is yours."

    But the parrot was clinging so deeply, so hard, that the man said, "What is the matter? Are you mad?" He tried to take the parrot out with his own hands, but the parrot started pecking at him, and at the same time he was shouting "Freedom! Freedom!" The valleys in the night echoed and re-echoed, but the man was also stubborn; he was a freedom fighter.

    He pulled the parrot out and threw him into the sky; and he was very satisfied, although his hand was hurt. The parrot had attacked him as forcefully as he could, but the man was immensely satisfied that he had made a soul free. He went to sleep. In the morning, as the man was waking up, he heart the parrot shouting, "Freedom! Freedom!" He thought perhaps the parrot must be sitting on a tree or on a rock. But when he came out, the parrot was sitting in the cage. The door was open.

2. Gandhi and Some Sugar
A woman once came to Gandhi and asked him to please tell her son to give up eating sugar. Gandhi asked the woman to bring the boy back in a week. Exactly one week later the woman returned, and Gandhi said to the boy, "Please give up eating sugar." The woman thanked the Mahatma, and, as she turned to go, asked him why he had not said those words a week ago." Gandhi replied, "Because a week ago, I had not given up eating sugar."

With My Love Respect and Admiration For All, Enjoy the New Moon In Aries * Mystic Wendy!



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