What a show. Visibility for this eclipse includes he UK and Ireland with up to 97% of the Sun blocked out. This time the partial eclipse is visible across a large part of the northern hemisphere, including the whole of Europe, Greenland, Newfoundland, Northern Africa and Western Asia.

The only populated area that will experience totality will be Svalbard, Norway and the Faroe Islands, within the Kingdom of Denmark, between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Norway and Iceland,. north-northwest of mainland Scotland.  The total 100% of this eclipse is only visible in a path of a few hundred kilometers and intersects the above 2 landmasses. Those locations will see 2 or two-and-a-half minutes of totality.

In London the eclipse begins at 0825 GMT. Maximum eclipse is at 0931 GMT when 85% of the Sun will be blocked. The eclipse ends at 1041 GMT.

Further north in the British Isles, observers enjoy a better view. From Edinburgh 93% of the Sun will be covered and from Lerwick in the Shetland Isles, the Moon will obscure 97% of the solar disk.

(Although eclipses of the Sun are spectacular events, they should NOT be viewed with the unaided eye except during the brief period of totality, which this time will not be visible anywhere in the UK. Despite a large part of the solar disk being covered, looking at the partially eclipsed Sun without appropriate protection can cause serious and permanent damage to the eyes.)

We will not be able to see the eclipse in the United States but we still experience the effects of this phenomena.

So what is a Solar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse, which can only happen at the New Moon, is when the shadow of the Moon is cast on the Earth and fully or partially blocks the Sun.

Sometimes you can see a "ring of fire" glowing around the Solar Eclipse, but when there is a Total Eclipse of the Sun, the sky can grow dark in the middle of the day.

(With a Lunar Eclipse, which can only occur at a Full Moon, the shadow of the Earth is cast on the Moon. It is the opposite of the Solar eclipse and happens when the Moon passes behind the Earth and the Earth blocks the Sun's rays, so it can only happen when the Sun, Earth and Moon are very closely aligned. We have a Lunar eclipse coming up on Saturday 4/4/15, more on that laster in this post so stay tuned and read on.)

In Astrology eclipses are typically associated with beginnings and endings, internally and externally. In 2015 this is an especially fitting theme, more so because of the beastly winter we have expericed to date and because this Solar eclipse falls less than 24 hours before the Spring Solstice on March 20, 2015 at 6:45pm EDT.

The darkness associated with a Solar Eclipse also casts a shadow on our inner selves, we are reminded to turn inward, tap into our emotions and reconnect with the past. It's about taking care of unfinished business before moving on to new projects.

Depending on where in your zodiac sign the eclipse occurs, stress is placed on the matters governed by that sign, or sector of the zodiac. The affairs associated with tat “house” are activated.

Solar eclipses cause old issues and circumstances to come to light in a big way, eclipse messages are never subtly and signify a beginning or an ending. They indicate an old order being overthrown so a new beginning is made.  They signify the fall of the mighty or at least, huge heaps of trouble and woe for the powerful or highly placed. Oddly, it can also indicate increased abuse of the vulnerable thus forcing rebellion against painful or non-productive circumstances. Not much can be hidden under the power and energy of a Solar eclipse, hidden things are fully exposed.

It is not an auspicious time to start a new business because eclipses end something that has been going on since the last eclipse. In business this usually points to settlements and business plans. They'll become finalized during the lunar eclipse. If you are miserable at work, go ahead and quit your job, another door will open soon enough.

It is not an auspicious time to propose marriage however it is a very good time to end a relationship, and finalize something that's been holding you back, such as a divorce. The parting is final and irrevocable.

To begin spiritual study or simply take a retreat is highly favored in an eclipse, most especially during this Solar eclipse in Pisces because Pisces is the sign of spirituality and the occult, mystical and religiously oriented side of life.

Further, it is an excellent time to clean your house, yep, housework. That hidden dirt and those elusive dust bunnies do not stand a chance and are well and truly swept clear away so it is a most favorable time to begin spring cleaning, especially intense and heavy duty spring cleaning.

The effects can felt for about 6 months, until the next eclipse, which then restructures the energies even further, and adds a more refined level of structure to the changed circumstances. The theme of what is affected can continue much longer, sometimes for several years from start to completion.

The Solar eclipses for 2015 occur in the same sun signs as they did in 2014, Pisces and Virgo. The Lunar eclipses occur in Libra and Aries. They continue to occur in Virgo and Pisces and Libra and Aries until 2016.

If you've been holding something back then emotions and feelings that have been on the back burner force their way up and out. This is especially so in relationships that are on rocky ground, and with each eclipse until this series ends in 2016 these emotions and feelings bubble up and are transformed and restructured over and over again until we reach a breakthrough or a breaking point Expect either enlightenment and salvation or a dismantling of the existing power structure to allow fresh growth and healing, however devastating that may feel while it is happening..

Eclipses emphasis emotions with a strong focus on analyzing relationships. If you didn't get the chance to take action in a failing relationship, whether a friendship or an intimate affair, you'll have a second chance during the April 4th lunar eclipse, (sun in Aries, moon in Libra,) and then again come autumn with the Solar eclipse on 9/13/15 , (sun in Virgo, moon in Pisces,) and the Lunar eclipse on 9/28/15 with the sun in Libra and moon in Aries .

You can free yourself from whatever is holding you back by analyzing events that have unfolded and thinking long and hard about why things turned out as they did.

Seek enlightenment through reflection, that is the key to harnessing the power of eclipse energy in 2015.



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