This full moon period is a double edged sword. You will find understanding and sympathy to your plight, whatever that may be, BUT, (there's always a but,) it can also be a deal breaker and a dream buster. Be circumspect and proceed cautiously because if you push people away now, they will stay away. If you are foolish enough to test another “mettle” be sober enough in your judgment to realize that only the very strongest souls can tolerate this type of malice and stick around for more of the same.

Although I avoid using too much astrology in my writings this month I would be derelict in my duties not to do so. There is way too much of an astrological energy build up to ignore. Not only do we have the last of 7 Uranus square Pluto transits becoming exact, we have the 2nd Friday the 13th of the year, Saint Patrick's Day and The Solar eclipse, (new moon,) in Pisces om 3/19.  This is also the spring "Equinox."

All of this astronomy energy plays in betwixt and in between our daily routines and figures strongly in the shaping of events affecting our personal experiences as the year progresses. So, when I advise discretion and careful consideration of results of actions I mean it. March is a bust or boom month. It holds an important turning point for humanity both personally on an individual basis and on a mundane level affecting everyone.

On the positive side much joy and happiness manifest and amazing opportunities abound so if your are beginning a new project the time is right to get going and do it, you will be successful. Artistic ventures are favored and even though it is not completely smooth sailing at least there is wind in the sails.

Remember this Full moon in Virgo activates the final Uranus Square Pluto transit on 3/17/15 and Mars is in Aries. The time is right, the energy is available and financial success is indicated all month long with the extra oomph of the full moon right now to rocket launch success.

Resist the urge and temptation to send or respond to combative, antagonistic texts, telephone calls and emails because if the situation you find yourself in is not completely wholesome and above board you risk getting sucker punched and sucked up like you were lint beneath a vacuum cleaner.

Not only do you find yourself back to where you started from you are backpedaling away from your original goal and creating enemies along the way. Don't risk it, if you find yourself weakening, lock the door, don't answer the phone, log out of your email account and ignore those cheesy text messages.

Virgo is tidy and terribly organized right now so if your relationship or your job or your life's circumstances are not satisfying and you are unhappy or unfulfilled then this is an amazingly good time to FIX the situation. Clean up your own act too or you run the risk of getting your clock cleaned.

This is a great time for recovering and healing from abuse. If another is raining on your parade or just being plain old mean now is the time to grab that foolish soul by their ears and the seat of their pants and send them packing. Throw the kitchen sink and that annoying pet snake out along with them and (just a reminder,) IGNORE the texts, emails and phone calls too. Most especially don't answer the door no matter how loud they howl, no matter how pitiful are the crocodile tears.

If you have had enough of something or someone then make your stand NOW! If there is love and respect to be had from this person or situation, if they or it are worth their salt or have a leg to stand on they will prove it. Make them prove it, don't go easy on them, If there is true loyalty and sincerity in the situation or with the the person in question this Can and Will happen.

If you are the smarmy scoundrel that's making the mischief then you are well advised to change your evil ways and clean up your own act Immediately!! Right Now!

Situations that end now are well and truly OVER, no traipsing back for another chance. Nope no more chances, no more falling for feeble excuses and meaningless platitudes. No more Lies.

So this March 2015 Full Moon in Virgo is a both a paradox and a merging. Think Beauty and the Beast, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Gandalf and Saruman, Moby Dick and Captain Bligh, Good Verses Evil and so on..... To Sum it all up the energy around this Virgo Full Moon is very much like the old fairy tale, the one that says;

When they were good they were very, very good, BUT, (*there's always a But*,) when they were bad they were terrible!” But no matter what is manifesting YOU have the power and control to choose a wise path for YOURSELF!

So there you go, the good the bad and the ugly explained,. Please let's handle ourselves accordingly and have a truly enlightening March 2015, Friday the 13th and all,

With Light and Warm Blessings from Mystic Wendy @ Mystic



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