The eclipse will be visible over Western North America, from Salt Lake City Utah across the entire Pacific ocean, East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

In the western USA from Salt Lake City on to the Pacific Coast the eclipse can be viewed from 301am to 602am and it is definitely worth a look see so get up early or go to bed late and watch it if you can.

During a Lunar Eclipse the sky is dark, but the Moon appears Full with a reddish orange tint.

A Lunar Eclipse is a bit less intense then a Solar eclipse. The real knockdown punch comes with the solar eclipses and there is always a 14 day lapse between the Solar and the Lunar events so by the time the 14 days pass, you already know what to expect.

There is less of a questioning of events, you know that it is, what it is, what it is and are prepared to let go of the past, leave behind what is no longer working or replace the negative situation with healing energies and positive solutions.

You can finally move forward, free for better or worse and fully prepared for a new path into a brighter future.

All in all this looks to be a pleasant full moon period in spite of the eclipse energy and because of Easter Sunday and Passover Saturday, and because Libra is an elegant and fun sign and because Aries holds sway with the Sun, and because Spring has sprung and Libra loves Aries and Aries loves Libra, at least that's what the legends say.............

Furthermore, this full moon eclipse falls on Passover Saturday and then pow, 12 hours later it is Easter Sunday, with fuzzy yellow duckies and adorable white bunnies with cute little pink satiny wiggling noses and chocolate candies and frilly hats and lacy dresses to wear while snapping photographs, (no selfies,) to capture the moment ..........

Speaking, (oops I mean writing) of legends, Easter Sunday dates are determined by Moon Cycles. In the USA we celebrate Easter on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox,( March 20-21 every year. )

Easter Sunday signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian Doctrine.

Passover is the Jewish celebration of freedom from slavery in Egypt and lasts for 7 days, starting from Sundown 4/4/15 through to 4/11/15.

In the Wiccan and Pagan cultures, the “earth based” religions, the Celebration is to attract the favor of the Earth Goddess, and to promote the successful growth of crops and a bountiful harvest come fall.

So no matter what religion you are or how you happen to celebrate your Spring Rites, this year is extra special because the Lunar eclipse falls on the major spring holidays. That lends a magical air to all events and indicates a very happy celebratory time. I really don't see very much that can go terribly wrong, nope this is a good time, this final spring eclipse, the Full moon Lunar eclipse in Libra brings joy, even if it is a bittersweet kind of joy.

So for now good people and fine readers, worry not. Take a break, enjoy yourselves and trust that the path you are on is the correct path for you in your current circumstances. Enjoy the Calm before the storm and look forward to Sunny Skies too.!

Enjoy all celebrations and remain light in your heart, spread good cheer and welcome the changes brought about with the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, life is good and love abounds, be happy!

With Bright Spring Blessings to All from Mystic Wendy!



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