This Moon is really on the cutting edge of change. It remains void of course in Aquarius for 1 wee minute on Wednesday 2/18 and then 'Poof' off into Pisces it goes, and Mars marches into Aries the next day. This series of rapid fire sign changes reminds me of the philandering lover who makes a hasty exit while blowing you a kiss and saying, “don't worry I still consider you my best friend!…we'll keep in touch, I promise!”

The Aquarius/Pisces New Moon is all about confronting that which is old and outworn and no longer meets our needs. The confrontation is likely to be extreme because we are leaving the past behind and and beating a path to that which is new and exciting and not yet known, but oh we can almost see it, that better way of life shimmers like an oasis in the near desert and we can feel it too, a warmth in our minds that comes to us in our dreams and stays with us into the dawning of the new day.

Armed only with a blend of naivete, genuine innocence and sheer good fortune we yearn to be different and to experiment with new ways and as of yet there is no fear of being wrong. That long period of Aquarius energy is still affecting us, we have faith in our own moral codes and still adhere to those quite rigidly.

But still, an ending and a new beginning looms large in our consciousness. The season is changing and we cannot stop it. The worst of winter is behind us now, and we feel this instinctively. It is still cold and there is much snow and ice, but look, what is that? Ah, the very first sign of spring, the tender shoots of fresh green growth amidst the dirty snow banks, that brief gentle caress of warmth in the wind as the coming spring blows into your consciousness.
With this awareness comes a micro-minute of regret as we think about how brave we were while in the dark clutches of late winter. How exciting it was to be snowbound and cuddling in front of a fire. How glad our kin folks were to see us when we made it home at last, finally, safe and warm after challenging the bitter cold winds and stinging snow of the latest blizzard.

For those who abide in the warmer southern climates, go ahead admit it, you really will kind of miss lollygagging around at the beach or under the palm trees or on the golf courses of California and Texas and Florida because of the massive shut downs and cancellations in the “Great White North.” The convenient excuse, “they are snowbound so we can't do anything because of the weather” is due to melt away real soon, mush faster than the snow, and back to being responsible and on time you must go.

Worse, for those in the Southern parts of the country get those umbrellas out, because the rainy season, (torrential rains this year,) is just around the corner and forewarned is forearmed.

Okay moving back into the future, expect extreme changes in or around your daily existence. With Mars in Aries we have the “Guts” to go after what we want and get the Glory. So if you really want to make a change, even a radical change then this is this new moon to begin the process. Peoples behavior and the series of events initiated lead to shocking results. Fear not fine people the cosmic conditions mandate that for a brief period, (about 3 weeks,) you can go ahead and push your luck, you can (within reason,) dare to be different and you can wade into dangerous waters , (tread lightly,) and somehow get away with it all.

We can't really ask for much more than that now can we? So better get busy right now because the time is exactly right to plant the seeds of change, and sow a path of abundance for the future;

With Love and Light and a Whisper of Spring in the Frosty Air * Mystic Wendy



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