This new moon cycle gives humanity a chance to review, revise and draw up future plans for the month ahead and for long term too. Large-scale projects in planning right now bear fruit in 6 months when the full Moon is in Aquarius. This year that occurs on July 31st. Better still, in July we have 2 full moons. The first is in the sign of Capricorn on 7/2/15 and is known as the “Thunder Moon” and the second on 7/31/15 is a “Blue Moon” in Aquarius, which means it is the second full moon occurring in July, (or in any calendar month.) Two full moons in the same month are known as “blue moons.”

Short term projects yield results at the next full 

moon on February 3rd in Leo.

(My January Schedule is; Mon-Thur-Fr-Sa-Su from 5pm to midnight. Tue and Wed I am available all day until midnight. If you have a special circumstance please send a callback request or an email.)

Because the sign Aquarius concerns group activities for the betterment of humanity expect rebellious, (but well intentioned,) “For The People – By The People” engagements combined with larges doses of righteous indignation. We seek a fuller connection with our brethren, a more meaningful and higher perspective for our lives and in our current reality.

That is all good and fine and gung-ho too. Yip-pitty-DOO- DA- day let's find a new way! But, (there's always a but,) all this social reform and “we are all one” stuff, will get us nowhere and is very likely to set us back to nowhere unless we are very, very circumspect about how we vocalize and express ourselves.

I remember a lyric from an old song, “nobody is right when everyone is wrong” and this is exactly the vibes I feel around this new moon.

Any wishes made at this time carry great force. So do actions, words and deeds. Think carefully before you speak and think twice about how you project. Ask yourself how others see and interpret your actions. If you feel angry or bitter, (even if this emotion or the situation is justified,) back off. Take a deep breath and sugar coat that hostility. Remember, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. The wrong methods could get you nowhere and leave you feeling utterly defeated.

So, we must prepare to deal with double-edged circumstances during this lunar cycle. To be successful all we have to do is take the time to prepare properly, show others the same respect we wish to be shown. Ah, the Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Make this your New Moon Mantra!

On a more cheerful note, group activities in our communities, like ice-skating or volleyball or a night out with the boys/girls are good fun. An all around fine time can be had. Yay, that is a boon for any of us feeling trapped in the January doldrums. This gaiety gets an extra kick of oomph because we are right smack at the beginning of “Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius.”

Oomph and ouch. But hold on, it's not that bad. Aquarius is a high minded and socially active sign so for the next 6 weeks all of us have many opportunities to meet up with people from our past. Old employers, past lovers, long lost pals from days gone, Sorority sisters from back in the day and so on.

We may return to a project that needs tweaking and become heroes by finding the glitch that needed to be found.

Old loves that have left us feeling bereft suddenly re-appear and now we can settle those issues once and for all for better or worse.

For those that want to make a switch in careers or jobs, seek out old co-workers and gnosh around a bit to find out what is new. Pleasant and profitable conversations and information is available.

To sum it all up and deliver it with a tidy bow, this New moon in Aquarius affects all of us on a large scale. Our actions and words and deeds are powerful, they carry great force and with this power and force we bear the responsibility to use it wisely and kindly for the betterment of our fellow beings.

Long term plans that are prepared and/or refined manifest fully with The 7/31/15 “Blue Moon” in Aquarius and short term projects come to term by February 3.

Mercury goes stationary retrograde in Aquarius hand in hand with this lunation so do not hesitate to seek out and enjoy conversations and reunions with old friends and lovers. If it's going to work, now is the perfect time to give it another go.

Finally, gad about your community with friends and do things together. Romp around the snow, go to a concert or even have a walk through the flea market. Wherever you go and whatever you do be around people and spread good cheer during this very special New Moon, this is “The New Year New Moon,” in Aquarius,

With Love and light for All,

Mystic Wendy



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