We Are in the middle of it right now. “It” means that we have 3 planets in Sagittarius, Venus the Sun and Mercury. Wow, that is a lot of fire energy and optimism, almost too much perhaps? But no, fine readers it really isn’t too much (yet.) Things are just fine and the time is perfect for implementing treasured plans and exciting projects. Right now, Immediately, Pronto, Right Away.

So there it is folks, the bottom line, Just Do It however you have to Do It! This full moon scatters communications all over the place and that is exactly what is needed to succeed. The airy dual influence of Gemini creates a whirlwind of stressful communications that is essential and necessary to iron out any and all sniggling and niggling and highly annoying details that have to date scampered away mischievously unsolved. Certain solutions that seem to remain just out of reach, those maddening,  grrrr, teeth gnashing, foot stomping just out of reach problems can be caught, wrestled down and fixed, once and for all. Whew, what a relief!

The energy is very similar to retrograde Mercury, but the difference is that we do not experience delays. Nope, there are no delays on the horizon.  Can we expect dropped calls? Yes. Can we expect Internet outages? Yes. What about spats with co-workers and significant others? Yes.

 It is the way we handle the erratic merry go round energy that is the key. If the call disconnects, then call back. If the internet crashes, reboot.  If you are angry with co-workers, take a deep breath, check you notes, (and your attitude,) and talk about it again, work through it. Go over it. Compromise.  The point is that the whirlwind communications when handled properly result in more than satisfactory achievements.  Unlike a retrograde period where issues are plain old “stuck” the Gemini energy allows rapid breakthroughs when problems are tackled immediately and head on until they are well and truly resolved.

Let’s just back up for a moment and touch on love issues. Squabbles are likely and arguing between lovers is a given too.  This is the “stressful” whirlwind energy I mentioned earlier and is based on a true need to illuminate circumstances that really and truly require resolution. So don’t be afraid.  The love grievances that manifest now are very real under the bright airy light of this full moon and should be taken seriously. Think of it like this; I want this, I already have that, so what exactly can be added or removed to balance the gap between what is needed, what is wanted, what is already there and what is realistic.

More simply put there is a difference between “wanting” something that we don’t really need and really needing something that we don’t have, well then that, (whatever it may be,) is what the full moon in Gemini is illuminating. Especially in our love relationships this is important. If there are painful emotional issued that have dragged on forever then acknowledge and handle them. If you can’t change the outcome then the time is perfect to “purge”. Yep, purge or merge, that’s the ticket.

So how will you know and decide whether to purge or merge?  I recommend starting with the “Except For” method. It goes like this;

I really love him/her “EXCEPT FOR”

He/She is truly wonderful “EXCEPT FOR”

(note: the “except for” method is versatile * use it liberally when shopping and spring cleaning. As in don’t throw out that old coffee pot it is perfect “except for” the broken handle or; these shoes are absolutely perfect “except for” the price.)

 Then apply the “But” test as follows;

Of course I will leave my wife/husband “BUT”…….

Of course I love you deeply and want to marry you “BUT”…….

It is that simple folks. Ponder your situation and if you find an “except for” and a “but” then purge. If you find an “except for” and no “but” well, then there is hope, go with the merge option.

No matter what path you choose in whatever area of your existence is illuminated this is still a dynamic full moon chock full of opportunities and fun. The energy is optimistic and tireless. Hanukkah and Christmas and Kwanzaa are just around the corner, the weather is amazing, the future is bright and the fire in the fireplace crackles warmly. The time is exactly right to do what you gotta, Purge or Merge, so go for it good people and enjoy it all every step of the way,









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