Yuck! Starting over from scratch sounds rather ominous and so it is, but at least you can start over and begin anew, from scratch or otherwise and that is the blessing and gift of this solar eclipse! The ability to forge a new path in your life based on wise choices. What you have learned from past mistakes is very relevant now because you are really, really sure that you don’t want a repeat performance of the “once burnt, twice shy” energies!

Proper choices should be easy enough to make, they are based on a rock solid awareness of results from your past experience.  So many of you have heard me say that “history repeats itself,” and that is the most important advice I can offer for this eclipse. Your future path is dependent on past knowledge. You already know what you need to do. Overcoming the fear of new beginning is the biggest obstacle.

The Solar new moon eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio on 10/23 occurs a mere 24 hours after the dark of the moon, Halloween aka Sawain on 10/22. Hmmm, let’s think about that, Sun in Scorpio, Solar eclipse in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio and Halloween too, wow what a line up for Scorpio. All these influences are indicative of fresh, new energy.  We are bold and can bravely rise above the dusty ash of the past, the failed ventures and the heartache, into a glorious resurrection with a guarantee of a brighter, happier future.  Just like the Phoenix which is the purest form of Scorpionic energy!

Sounds like a solid plan yes? Uh, but what about ……? Oh, yes those other manifestations of Scorpionic energy; the phoenix, the eagle and the scorpion. Let’s explore them.

 A scorpion is an angry, venomous stinging insect, so lacking in control and so stupid that it will literally sting itself to death when in a rage. I strongly suggest that this type of energy be avoided completely because I really don’t think anyone wants to move into the winter season in an uncontrollable rage and venomous anger. Nope, not a good idea, not a good idea at all. Let’s move along!

The Eagle; a proud and noble carrion bird who has an uncanny knack for flying long distances and letting the wind guide the spirit, rising above problems and annoyances on a straight and fearless path, alone, soaring across the clear blue skies. Ok that sounds a bit more like it; “I want to fly like and eagle to the sea, fly like and eagle, let my spirit carry me!’ But can you just fly away? Some of us can and perhaps we should. If so, then the energy for flight is available. Give it some thought; you will instinctively know if this is the correct choice.

The Phoenix - The eternally beautiful birdlike symbol of positive transformation and rebirth.  Ah-ha, that’s the ticket for properly utilizing solar eclipse energy.  Think like a Phoenix, ascending towards a brilliant future on a mystical path of enlightenment, spreading healing and peace every step of the way.  

Got it? No? Not quite sure? Ok, let me explain further; the last 9 days of October 2014 and the solar eclipse bring change and choice. The change is long lasting and based on the choices we implement. We are powerful now, (especially Libra sun and rising signs.) We can make the world a better place, help others and strengthen ourselves too.  Or we can use and abuse ourselves and others with evil intentions.  We can sink into depravity or make miracles happen.  We can breakthrough old, outworn and destructive thought patterns and emerge winners. We can heal the past. We can revitalize our health and well being by exhibiting love and forgiveness and by moving on when necessary.

No matter what is affecting you on a personal level you are in control of the outcome, the choices are yours alone and choose you must. Wow! Talk about spooky, this solar eclipse is just that, SPOOKY.  But spooky can be fun, just like Halloween is fun. Think of it like that and you can see the many happy possibilities, the treats as opposed to the tricks.

 Oh, and good luck whichever way the kitty jumps and whichever path you choose! The choice is truly yours, Soar Like A Phoenix!

Wishing All of you Happiness And Hallowed Paths under the light of The Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio,

The Mystic Wendy and All of us at;

“Mystic Wendy’s Psychic Emporium”

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