We’re not up for fighting now. If there’s no need to fight, we’ll avoid it.  If there is a need to fight, then Mars in Sagittarius indicates a rapid and brutal result. We’re polite, (to a fault,) well mannered, (to a fault,) and present ourselves with grace and class but if a threat is perceived as being real then watch out. Mars, planet of action, in fiery Sagittarius is in a position to help us push through difficulties. It is likely assistance comes in the form of a man or men who provide help and then move on. Whatever plan or activity is “vital” to your life and well being, do it NOW! If you can't don't be afraid, just have a "B" plan ready or expect to have to revise plans until November 7th or so.

With that being said I can now stress quite vehemently that it’s a “Jolly Good Time” to implement fall plans. To further clarify; if you are stupid enough to delay taking positive action from now through the end of September, be smart enough to know that October 2014 transits include, (but are not limited to,) Mercury retrograde in Scorpio/Libra AND 2 (TWO) eclipses, a full moon lunar eclipse @ 15 degrees Aries AND a New Moon Solar eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio AND “Sawain aka Halloween.” There are several more relevant transits but the point I am making is that with the rapid fluctuations during October, it is the most inauspicious time for the remainder of 2014 to “begin’ new ventures. It is a marvelous time to refine and repair and re-do anything at all that was started in September, so go for it now, do not wait!

Libra is the sign of committed partnerships, so people are pairing off and devoting time to 1-on-1 personal interactions or focused teamwork in small, tightly formed groups. That is the desired focus during this new moon period and woe to those who force us to divert just desires to handle petty, malicious, unnecessary annoyances. Retribution will be swift, fast, effective and long lasting.

On a gentler, friendlier note it is a good time for neighborhood clean-up campaigns and yard projects. Good fun can be had while raking up that first batch of fallen leaves followed by a blazingly beautiful bonfire! Artsy Fall projects are favored and produce amazingly creative results that last a lifetime, so don’t forget to take pictures.  

Make Halloween, (Sawain,) plans from Saturday 9/27 – Thursday 10/2. This time frame is auspicious and yields high success for new ventures based on successful celebrations of the past. The rule of thumb is; “if it worked before, it will work again!” Bonus: you get to “tweek” projects too, just a wee bit of “tweaking” brings a whole lot of fun, Wow!

Now let’s take a peek ahead at October, 2014 because those vague feelings of disquiet that you feel right now are quite accurate. You are feeling the influence of the “shadow period” of the Mercury retrograde cycle soon to come. This is simple to understand. Mercury slows down about 14 days prior to becoming stationary retrograde, (standing still in the sky just before moving backward,) and then after 21 days or so, Mercury become stationary direct, (standing still in the sky just before moving forward,) and it takes about 12-14 days to pick up normal forward speed.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio begins 10/4/14 through 10/26/14. We feel this influence quite strongly from Thursday October 2nd right straight through Tuesday October 7th and the most important thing to pay attention to over this 6 day period is our driving. Watch Out For The Other Guy! The second most important thing to pay attention to is our partying. Do Not, (repeat,) Do Not Over Do It! Less is more, truly. Why? Because when any planet is retrograde, especially for the first couple of days, and especially when that retrograde is beginning mere hours before a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries as this one is, then circumstances and situations are amplified in an erratic crazy type of back and forth zig-zag pattern.  So caution is the better part of valor.

Then on October 8 we have the second lunar eclipse of 2014, and this year it is a full moon eclipse in Aries! What a brilliant show this is, so mark your calendar and make it a point to go take a look see because this phenomena is visible across most of North America, hooray! On the east coast of the USA this eclipse starts at 4:17am and is visible until 6:55am when the moon sets and the sun rises. It is really fun to watch so get up early and take a look see; you will remember it for the rest of your life. Make a wish while you’re at it, dreams can come true and thorny problems can be solved with eclipse energy properly directed!

To sum it all up, we have a cozy, almost intimate energy build up with the new moon in Libra on September 24-25 that expands outwards and brings people together in smalls groups to celebrate the fiery warmth of the Full moon lunar eclipse in Aries. What a wonderful way to start the Fall season, enjoying the smoky scent of burning leaves and having a small nip with family and a few good friends, while stealing a kiss from your beloved, ooh-la-la, Life Is Good, Enjoy It To The Fullest and stay tuned for The October 2014 Zodiac Snippets for all 12 Sun signs and updates to Mercury retrograde, The full moon lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Aries, The Solar eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio and the October Dark of the Moon Halloween, (Sawain,) celebration on 10/22 and a whole lot more. At Mystic Wendy’s Psychic Emporium We Are Here For YOU! With answers to Your Questions! We Love What We Do * So Will You!

With Love and Light and Bright Autumn Blessings, from All of Us at Mystic Wendy’s Psychic Emporium and Mystic Wendy!



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