The title of this lunar report sums up quite nicely the key factors for success during the 14 days following the full moon. With the Sun in Virgo, Mercury in Libra, and the Full moon in Pisces you can reach for the stars and succeed in touching them. The sun in Virgo illuminates the areas where organization is required to balance situations fairly and properly, (Mercury in Libra,) and a creative and far reaching approach that benefits everyone, if employed, will work out swimmingly! (Full moon in Pisces.)

The caution in this forecast is towards excess, over-doing anything. It is a bad, bad idea to over imbibe and get snookered just because you can. This is the imbalanced side of Pisces, sneaky activity, drunkenness and altered states of consciousness combined with a foolish disregard of consequences. This behavior can backfire badly now because those actions are amplified in a very obvious way now. The Pisces full moon is “Under the Beams” of the Sun in Virgo and anything that needs to be exposed so as to fix and organize a situation for better or worse becomes clearly visible.

So, keeping in mind that Pisces has a duality associated with its energy and it is ruled by Neptune, this indicates multiple choices manifest. We get a bright, clear picture of exactly what needs to be fixed. What might be confusing is that there are more than one energy sources available; we must make a choice. Ah, this where it gets fun, you can choose to use several energies in several ways on several different projects for several successful outcomes all at the same time, Ta-Da! That is the Beauty of Neptune, those shimmering variations that create such shining examples of success.

Yep, several ways to accomplish goals manifest and you can comfortably combine more than one technique at the same time to accomplish a specific circumstance for the higher good of all.

Hmm sounds like a plan, but what about romance? Ooh-la-la let’s talk about love. This is a really good time to heal emotional chaos in relationships. The time of avoidance is over, done, finished.  Love affairs that have been stuck because we didn’t want to rock the boat or because it was easier to look the other way instead of acknowledging our pain, well that period is over. The worst has happened; all that was ignored or denied is now fully exposed. Oops! But wait, that exposure is a very, very healing type of enlightenment. We have choices, (remember this.) We can choose to take that old emotional baggage, grab those dusty old emotions and shake them silly, clearing the air and exposing the bright hopes and loving energy that remains.

Then there is the renewal of love even in what seems to be the most dismal of circumstances. Why? Because when you are able to renew love even after a period of betrayal and duplicity, well that is where true love finds rich soil for fertile growth. So there is a very healing sort of romantic energy available and if properly acknowledged and implemented then relationships will grow stronger with this energy.

A note here is that ALL of us have choices, each and every one of us. If you cannot accept the duality apparent with this full moon in Pisces then it is far better to let go of outworn circumstances and move on to a fresh new start then to remain in a bitter brew of jealousy. Remaining in an unsatisfactory love affair or close relationship is a toxic and unnecessary choice, employ love for yourself and others combined with a strong dose of integrity and This Full Moon in Pisces will be a time when you reach for the stars, grasp them tight and watch your dreams come true;

With Love and Light and Warm, Warm blessings,

Mystic Wendy and All of Us at Mystic Wendy’s Psychic Emporium!



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