Two eclipses mingle with this Mercury retrograde transit in Scorpio and Libra.  The first is a full moon lunar eclipse, (visible in most of USA,) on October 8, in Libra-Aries and the other eclipse, October 23, is a new moon solar eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio.  So, Libra –Scorpio – Aries pay attention please as your signs, or your rising sign in one of these signs, will be the most affected.

Mercury retrograde periods always indicate reviewing something from the past.  Sometimes it is a meeting with an old friend or an ex lover, (gentle sigh,) sometimes it is realizing that the bench warrant didn’t really disappear after all,  or that even though you thought you had successfully skipped on the child support, oops, that right turn on red after stop that you innocently ignored totally because you were distracted and late for work, caused that nice Police officer to find that sneaky warrant, which brought the whole nasty, ugly, embarrassing and now many times multiplied, (because of the fines and late fees,) financial burden right smack out into the cold harsh light of day! (HUGE GROAN!)

Of course the bench warrant is an extreme example, (ha-ha,) but when we have Mercury retrograde energy added to the breakthrough energy of both a full moon lunar eclipse, a new moon Solar eclipse, AND the Halloween dark of the moon, (Wed 10/22,) all in one measly 31 day period that just happens to end the Spring/Summer season once and for all, well you don’t have to think very hard to understand how absolutely crazy October 2014 appears to be. I am not surprising anyone of any sign here, all of us began to feel the stirring effect of this Mercury retrograde around September 10th and we will continue to feel the “retro- eclipse combo” ding a ling ling ling mingle tingle until November 10th 2014. Think of it like this;

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed to see such a sport
while the dish ran away with the spoon!

Ok, that sounds good, a tender and funny nursery rhyme, no worries, no problem, we’ll just run away and wait the retro-eclipse combo out. It’s a piece of cake and I need a break anyway,” Hey honey do you want to fly to the islands?”

 OOPS! UH OH (spaghettio’s.) Er, ah, um, wait, don’t leave yet, just a moment more of your time is required good people as I must reveal just one, (ok two,) more itsy bitsy teensy, weensy, really just 2 wee bits of almost useless information, DRUM ROLL, ANGELS HARKENING ON HIGH and thank you Susan Miller @ astrology Zone because when you write, I read and I pay attention;

Those pesky eclipses occur, (twice,) right smack in the middle of this retrograde period. See I told you it was necessary to listen up. (You are you listening, right, Scorpio, Libra, and Aries???) Keeping in mind that the Sun is in Libra and Mercury is wandering lazily between Scorpio to Libra and then from Libra slowly sidling back to Scorpio, (hurry up darn it, ouch I stubbed my toe, guess I shouldn’t of rushed!) they require a mention, a bit of clarification and identification and so on;`

Eclipses are the single most dramatic and efficient method for the universe at large to create rapid, massive change, (You are you listening Scorpio, Libra, Aries, correct???)  So, during this retro-eclipse combo period no matter how busy you happen to be, no matter how carefully you have laid your plans, no matter how important and all powerful your position may be in the grand scheme of life, love and society, if the eclipses fall near one of your natal planets, or your birthday, (are you still listening Scorpio, Libra, Aries???,) you must drop everything, focus on the message and adjust to, (ta-da,) THE INSTANT KARMA!!!  The October eclipses deliver news suddenly and demand instant attention so it would be very foolish to expect any part of your agenda to remain stable.

A moment please whilst I wipe the sweat from my brow, whew, thanks. Okay more on those 2 tricky eclipses;

Both of the October eclipses zero in on the area of our birth charts and rising signs that were affected back in November 2012. Mercury retrograde at the same time means we have to go back and fix something that started then. Eclipses come twice a year, (more or less,) and advance an idea or a situation to a new level. With each subsequent set of eclipses in the same series (the 2014 eclipses are the last set of 3 years of eclipses in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio for a long time,) so things that evolve during October indicate the solution, reward or conclusion of important pending questions, issues and situations that have been brewing unresolved since fall of 2012.

 We are close now to resolving longstanding, hidden and quite likely destructive events which are currently affecting us. These events started when the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse series began, in this case look back to April/May and October/November/December of 2012. That period provides a crystal clear view of what requires attention right now.

Simply put, the final lunar and solar eclipses of October 2014 indicate breakthroughs.  The houses they occupy within your birth chart, your Sun sign and rising signs, indicate an opportunity to experience new life paths and breakthroughs by suddenly delivering important news that demands instant attention.

No matter what your sign is do not expect your schedule to remain untouched. If this retro-eclipse combo period doesn’t affect you directly you are still in a position of watching events unfold for others in your sphere of day to day activities so prepare yourself. Think of the old song lyrics “pack up the babies and grab the old ladies cause everyone goes, its Brother Loves show!”

Now we shall canter back quite friskily to Mercury retrograde and expound more on that area of cosmic reality and what it means;

We are distracted during retrogrades, forgetful, so pay extra attention to your possessions, don't leave anything in taxi cabs, airplane seat pockets, school buses, out in the yard, on the sink, at a friend’s place, (no you won’t be able to pick it up tomorrow,) and so on.  We are indecisive, because things are changing very, very quickly, and specifically, especially during this retro-eclipse combo period, nobody, no-one, not a single living soul can accurately predict which way things will go. As a result, the danger of making poor choices looms large, because if you make a choice based on current information, it's already out of date - but you don't know that yet.

Wait until this retro-eclipse-combo period has passed, (November 10, 2014.) By then you will have accurate information, and clear cut plans can be implemented. Mercury, (and all retrograde planets,) require time to resume normal orbit. Most of us, (the exception are those who have retrograde planets in their birth charts,) feel a little groggy, and stumble around looking for things we have misplaced while slurping down massive amounts of coffee to get going.

Mercury is back to consistent orbit by November 10. If you have a vital project or relationship to start or attend to, then plan to do so around then. And don’t worry, you’ll know the time is right because the information you need is readily available and all those painful, crazy, out of control situations that have been hanging around and tormenting you with the up to now unsolvable and unfinished energy have finally sorted themselves out. For better or worse the boil has been lanced and the infection drained. So even though the results might not be perfect at least there is forward movement and healing.

So during all 31 days of October 2014 each and every one of us must deal with this crazy “retro-eclipse combo” energy and settle long standing problems once and for all. If you currently have no long-standing unresolved issues, I can assure you that you will be involved with or know of somebody who does, because no one gets through October 2014 without participating in the retro-eclipse combo” energy. And that is all to the good. It brings much hope to and help for anyone that requires assistance in resolving long standing and unsettled problems.

So in spite of the “mania” surrounding this Mercury retrograde-Eclipse-Combo the end result is good, very good, and healing too. We enter November feeling clean and fresh and strong, and we are all of those things, we’ve faced the past, conquered our fears, settled past karma and now we move into the late fall and early winter freed of the mistakes of the past. Everything looks shiny and new! And so it is, and so it is!

So with November 2014 comes a joyous rush of anticipation for a Very Merry Holiday Season, a Marvelous Thanksgiving, a Warm and Bright Christmas brimming with hope and Love and a Very Happy New Year too.

Stay tuned for the “November 2014 Zodiac Snippets for all 12 Sun Signs, they will post on Saturday 11/1/14, and take a look at our blog, for updates on both eclipses and a special Halloween/Sawain briefing,

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