Hello fine people, welcome! September promises to be an awesome month filled with fresh starts and exciting endeavors. There are a few bumps in the path during the second week, but no worries, just take the high road, you’ll breeze right over any obstacles you encounter. Of special importance this month is the influence of Neptune in Pisces which is reflected in the title of the snippets. Sometimes when life situations seem to be obvious, (black and white,) it benefits us to use the power of Neptune to explore subtle nuances and various “shades” not readily apparent.
Neptune is a “social” planet  that affects the mindsets and social morals of entire generations. It is considered a planet of social change. It is said to provide hope in times of trouble, insights into illusions and variations of social circumstances. The shimmering shades of grey expand and correct the harsh realities of an “either/or” and “black verses white” mindset to each and every one of us.

Neptunian knowledge is sorely needed this month.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are “personal” planets, they move faster in their respective orbits around the earth and faster and closer through our individual Sun signs and Natal Birth charts which affects each of us individually on a personal level and in a more personal manner.

Here’s how the month plays out for each of the 12 Zodiac Sun Signs;

ARIES * ALL PLAY AND NO WORK MEANS ALL WORK AND NO PLAY, DRAT IT ALL! When I looked at your forecast all I could see were 3 words, “shake” “rattle” and “roll!” What mischief is this I asked myself? I just had the hardest time working it all out, I was stuck, mystified, truly puzzled. And then, out of the blue, like a freight train thundering across the prairies it came to me, poof! Verily it was an epiphany of sorts, a life changing, and soul searing revelation of the true meaning of your forecast for September. You get to do it all Aries, at work and at play and even while you sleep you are so full of life, so bursting with energy that you “shake, rattle and roll!” By Golly that sure does sound fine. Carry on!

TAURUS *YOU GET TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS SO YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE, OOH-LA-LA! Stable and seductive, ever the harbinger of fertile growth and the sow-er of spring crops, that’s you Taurus. After a long hot summer comes the harvest, you can relax for a bit. Just kick back under the shimmering light of the harvest moon, (September 9th,) toast some marshmallows, reminisce about Septembers past and infuse your senses with the rich scent of early autumn earth while sipping a glass of wine with the one you love. But wait, there’s even more, as you softly caress the one you’re  with, kissing those willing lips, understanding  the meaning of life, knowing exactly what love is………..

GEMINI *CHA-CHA-CHA CHANGES! COME ON AND FACE THE STRAIN SO YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE! There’s a whole lot of activity around home and family for Gemini in September, especially during the full moon in Virgo on the 9th. You already know if the polarity of this energy is positive or negative. This puts you in a perfect position to handle it with the class, style, charm, dignity and grace for which your sign is famous.  By the end of the month you’ve faced the strain, overcome the pain and implemented the changes. You remind me of a juggler, Gemini, a world class, best in category performer, boldly juggling apples and oranges with ease while moving gracefully towards a happier future.

CANCER *DON’T WORRY YOUR SAFE! THAT FEAR IS A DELAYED REACTION!  Now that it’s all over you are a nervous wreck. This is called a delayed reaction and that is why you feel so jumpy. But no worries Cancer you have successfully sidestepped all that angst and come through like a champ. You’ve met your goals head on and succeeded with aplomb. You’ve reached safe ground and can breathe easy for a bit, indeed for most of September. Towards the end of the month you might even find yourself moseying out into the neighborhood to catch up with friends and neighbors you haven’t seen in a while and having a whole bunch of fun.

LEO * WHOA KITTY* WHOA! SLOW DOWN! Ah my beloved Leo’s the Noble Kings and Queens of the zodiac, how brave you are. What risks you have taken, how high you have aimed, my, my, I am awestruck at the forces you have unleashed. With that being said, slow down Leo. No more roaring. It’s time to purr and stretch and exercise your whiskers.  A sultry slink will take you farther than a ferocious dash. Retract your claws too. Be friendly to mouse’s, gentle with your kittens and kind to your cubs. And fear not Royal felines, September’s forecast remains bright, life is still good and you are still the cream of the crop!

VIRGO * ACT JUST LIKE THE VIRGIN YOU ARE * IT’S YOUR SHOW! Thank god you’re here; finally, whew common sense has arrived, just in the nick of time. Wow! Need I say more Virgo? Oh, ok, ok to clarify; your duty, (should you decide to accept it,) is to assist all of us mere mortals to define our hopes and dreams and organize them into a workable reality. We love you Virgo and we thank you too, very, very much, you are needed and wanted and exactly right in all that you do throughout the month of September, of course! PS: you don’t really have to act like a virgin if you don’t want to cause you are just plain sexy in September, you shine!

LIBRA * MAKE A WISH UPON A STAR YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE! Lot’s of 12th house activity for Libra in September, you’re in the cosmic “house of the rising sun!” Pay careful attention to your dreams; welcome all psychic activity that comes your way. You get a lot of attention all month from all sorts of interesting people and exciting circumstances. Remain humble even if you feel like you’re on top of the world. Oh, just one more thing about the house of the rising sun; “it’s been the ruin of many a fine soul” so make sure your not the next one, be cool, stay straight, work hard, sleep well. Make a wish upon a star……

SCORPIO *TO STAY AND PLAY OR NOT TO STAY? THAT IS THE QUESTION! Hello? Hello? Scorpio, are you there? Scorpio, wake up, wake up wherever you are.  Yep, that’s right it’s time to wake up, pay attention and get going. There are people you need to see and places you need to go, pronto. No, you can’t sleep another hour, you’ll miss the train. Then you’ll be stuck in the mud, ick. Yes, yes I know you love mud, me too, but there are people you need to see and places you need to go, pronto! So, wake up, wake up wherever you are Scorpio, no you can’t sleep another hour, you’ll miss the last train and be stuck in the mud, ick.

SAGITTARIUS* WHOA HORSIE WHOA! SLOW DOWN! In September you must “canter” not scamper. Absolutely no scampering allowed, only cantering, period. Cantering is elegant and stylish and describes Sagittarius to a tee, right down to the trot. With that being said I must take this discussion a step further and point out that others will scamper sideways to stay by your side. Those who love you will scamper to the ends of the earth and bend over backwards to pamper and accommodate you. And those who wish you ill? The scoundrels will scamper away like there’s no tomorrow, while you proudly canter with your head held high and a gleam in your eye. September is going to be a great month for Sagittarius, especially for your career!

CAPRICORN *OFF YOU GO OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS SEEKING THE HOLY GRAIL  September is a great month for learning and studying and grasping religious concepts. Travel will be fun too so don’t hesitate to take a journey, for the sea goat the time is right. Not only will you have lots and lots of fun you will learn and earn. You easily grasp new concepts and successfully weigh benefits and liabilities involving far reaching plans, especially plans concerning other people’s money and financial success. New methods to handle old problems are explored and evaluated.  Plans are laid out, decisions are made and your itinerary is full.  The money isn’t bad either, you get paid what you are worth and then some, so enjoy!

AQUARIUS * BE HARD WORKING AND OBSESSIVELY DISCIPLINED SO YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE  It is just beginning to dawn on you that you’re being helped in some way. You’re quite sure that with a little elbow grease, a lot of self confidence, a sprinkling of fairy dust and a huge dose of luck that you’re going to succeed in a matter that is very important to you. You are correct.  In September you emerge triumphant. You’ve worked hard and earned this success, congratulations and kudos! Now in order to keep it going and growing all you have to do is apply a little elbow grease, a lot of self confidence, a sprinkling of fairy dust and a huge dose of luck and you will continue to succeed magnificently!

PISCES * SECRET FRIENDS AND OPEN ENEMIES, EEK? TO BE OR NOT TO BE, THAT IS THE QUESTION! By the end of September Pisces knows who’s who, what’s what and how to handle anything at all and everything at once. That’s a lot so you might feel weary, in need of a vacation by the 3rd week.  But, (this is a good but,) no vacation for you until Halloween at least. Sigh! Getting back to the “good but,” what you do get in September is peace of mind and a crystal clear view of the best path for a happier future. You become cognizant of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, at last. And that truth will set you free. Free to spend time with those you love and who love you, sharing the deepest, happiest, most satisfying moments imaginable.

Stay tuned For the Full moon in Pisces forecast, (9/9/14) which will be posted on Friday 9/5/14. Until then all of us send Love, Light and warm blessings to all of you,

The Mystic Wendy @ Mystic Wendy's Psychic Emporium!



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looking good and makes me feel just fine, thanks Mystics


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