Greetings and Salutations to All! Well, here we are in December 2016 and what fun awaits. December begins with the kind of energy that can move mountains. The active element is fire supported by air, with a bit of Venus in Capricorn energy to make it sexy too.

“Think Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose while you nip on the brandy with family and friends, old and new and you get the picture. December 2016 brings warm, fiery, sexy and loving energy to humanity. Optimism and high spirits abound and events are auspiciously highlighted this holiday season.

It is pretty much good news for all 12 signs for December. Life is sexy and sweet. The Full moon in Sagittarius on 12/13 brings a dose of optimism to the forefront of holiday festivities and the New moon in Capricorn on 12/29 is a stabilizing influence to help us all end the year in a stable frame of mind. Events with home and family look set to be quite successful. This year your gifts are appreciated, but save the receipts too, cause mercury goes retrograde on 12/21, (the shortest day of the year, AKA the winter solstice,) and you just might need them! Better to have them, (those receipts,) and not need them than the other way around.

{A Snippet of Foreshadowing; There are major changes on the horizon over the next year, straight through the end of 2017 so make this year count with family and friends, it is a special year and good times will be remembered for many years henceforth.}

There is however, a need for a wee bit of caution, there is such a thing as being overly optimistic and having too much fun. Especially at months end when Mars trots into Pisces. Simply put, hide the eggnog, take the high road and stay home on New Years Eve lest you be tempted to get humongously snookered and have a monstrous hangover.