What an action packed new moon this is. Expect extreme shifts of energy. The new moon starts in Sagittarius and moves onto 0 degrees Capricorn. Wow! This means that the optimistic fly by the seat of your pants energy of the archer runs right smack into the conservative mindset of “It must be done properly” Capricorn. Just to make it more challenging we are still in the thrall of the Uranus Square Pluto transit from last Sunday.

Hmm, I can see Sagittarius shimmying up the Xmas tree to place that flashing multi-colored arrow right at the top, while Capricorn gasps at the

Hello, hello, hello fine readers and please except my apologies on the lateness of the December Zodiac Snippets for all 12 Sun Signs. I shall make amends by offering up these “Holiday Snippets for all 12 Sun Signs.” Furthermore I am diligently working on the yearly Zodiac forecasts for all 12 Sun signs and I shall post the first one, the “general” outlook for everyone on 12/21/14. Every Day after that straight through January 2, 2015 I will add a sun sign to the blog. Merry Christmas to All!

 My holiday hours for phone readings and chart forecasts are from 7am to 10:15am and 6:30pm to midnight. As usual I will be available all day and night on Christmas Day, and New Years Day too and I very much look forward to speaking with anyone who chooses to call. 

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Now lets get down to the snippet nitty-gritty!

We have a new moon in Sagittarius and Capricorn over the 20-21-21 right smack in the middle of the winter solstice, (the shortest day of the year and the longest night.) The next to last Uranus square Pluto was Sunday/Monday 12/15-15-2014 and we feel this transit 

We Are in the middle of it right now. “It” means that we have 3 planets in Sagittarius, Venus the Sun and Mercury. Wow, that is a lot of fire energy and optimism, almost too much perhaps? But no, fine readers it really isn’t too much (yet.) Things are just fine and the time is perfect for implementing treasured plans and exciting projects. Right now, Immediately, Pronto, Right Away.