To begin the November Snippets I must throw my hat into the Presidential election arena. I think that Trump will win. The reason I say this is not the politics involved or the personal views of either politician at present. Both of these candidates are royalty in their own right and both are qualified. The reason I think Trump will win is because of his “horary” chart. It is very similar to Clinton's election day chart.

Trump first decided he wanted to be the President on October 9, 1977 so I cast a chart for that specific date. Oddly the positioning of 2 of the outlying planets, Jupiter & Saturn were somewhat off when I cast this reading, the universe sent me a bit of meaningful chaos,) and I interpreted the chart as it appeared without any corrections.

Here are basic results;

Sun in Libra *

Moon in Virgo *

Ascendant in Cancer *

Venus in Leo *

Mercury in Scorpio *

Mars in Sagittarius *

Hmm, how do I continue these November Snippet's? There is so much to say, so little space and I think there is not not enough time left in 2016 to do the month of November justice. But wait, I know, let's move along to the most Hallowed of Holidays;