Hello, hello, hello to all my readers and clients, fine, fine regards to each and every one of you. So sorry I missed last months posting I was overworked and exhausted and simply had to take a break. I missed everyone and am glad to return. Lets get down to the nitty gritty without further delay;

Aah, We are all still here, thankfully. After this pasts summer's Venus Retrograde bru - ha - ha I had my doubts. Well, no worries, we have made it through October and things are looking up, slowly but surely the chaos is settling down. Daylight Savings Time has arrived and the dark should be viewed as cozy and comforting. How I love November, the sun rises earlier, the birds sing merrily and it is so much easier to wake up with the sun shining instead of in darkness. That long awaited extra hour of sleep. Thanksgiving and turkey dinners, the excitement of knowing that Christmas is only 7 weeks away. Yes, November is a glorious month and November 2015 is no exception, so read on.

After the events of last month we are finally experiencing a subtle shift in the cosmic tide, and just in time too. It is not really progress, no that is too strong a word, what we are feeling is a subtle re-awakening of the desire to exhibit common decency and compassion in our day to day dealings with our fellow human beings. Not a moment too soon, in my opinion. This stirring of positive emotions continues to build and build and is accompanied by a sense of justice and playing life fair that will lead us all down a kinder and gentler path. This is just the beginning, this positive change will be with us for quite some time, until late December 2017 to be more precise, so relax for a while and be thankful, enjoy each and every day of November 2015. The fall is upon us in full swing no less and life is good.

The New Moon on November 11th falls in Scorpio and marks a subtle but oh so real unveiling of future events and the Full Moon in Gemini on November 25 marks a culmination of personal efforts and hard work and clearly reveals what next year is bringing your way. Be that a reward or retribution you will know what is what and are able act in a sure manner, finally. Each and all are fully aware of the path we must tread into the future.

Here is how events play out for each of the 12 Astrological Sun Signs. Read on;