We’ve got a whole lot of fire crackling during this New Moon and Sun Sign change. I have always loved the early energy of Sagittarius. We all feel the joy. Thanksgiving is the first real winter holiday and this year both Thanksgiving and Christmas are Saggie holiday celebrations. So tell me good people what could we NOT love about a New Moon AND the Sun entering Sagittarius at the same time? Not much! This is an excellent time for every one of any Sun sign.  This early Saggie energy is a heart lifting period of happiness and hope and the good vibes continue right straight through December, 2014 because on 12/21/14 we have yet another new moon is Sagittarius.

What a GREAT outlook for humanity this full moon represents. The energies indicate major breakthroughs and assistance for everyone. Really, they do. I shall explain so read on;

As I stated in my Monthly Zodiac Snippet’s we have no major planetary transits in November. No retrograde personal planets, no earth shattering eclipses and no mind boggling transits. The universe is calm, finally. What a blessing for humanity on a personal level.

That’s the major point of this Full Moon in Taurus. After a solid year of non-relenting chaos in our day to day existence caused by the retrograde cycles of 2013 and 2014 we can now put our personal issues right. We have a cosmic “green light” to move forward. So, even if it feels like your life is in tatters, or

Ah, finally, the eclipses and retrogrades and undisguised drama of the first 3 quarters of 2014 is over, done, well and truly finished, yahoo, yippetty-do-da-day * Mazeltov and many Warm Congratulations to all who have survived and prospered, (take a deep bow please,) because starting right now, this very micro-millisecond the stress is easing up. No more “karmic” lessons, no more shenanigans, no more break ups and wondering “is this a real relationship?” Nope it is all crystal clear to us now, absolutely no question of which path lies before us or who our friends, (and enemies,) truly are.

We know instinctively what is real and what is Memorex, we have all of the information we need to move forward at our finger tips and it is full and complete and accurate information too.