Yuck! Starting over from scratch sounds rather ominous and so it is, but at least you can start over and begin anew, from scratch or otherwise and that is the blessing and gift of this solar eclipse! The ability to forge a new path in your life based on wise choices. What you have learned from past mistakes is very relevant now because you are really, really sure that you don’t want a repeat performance of the “once burnt, twice shy” energies!

Sawain, also known as Halloween falls on Wednesday October 22 2014 across the USA. But what exactly is Halloween and why is it so important to us? That is the content of this “special report.” How I love this holiday and how important it is for us to understand exactly why we celebrate it as we do. So moving forward let us start with our yearly calendar, in the USA we use the “Gregorian” calendar  composed of 365 days per year,  4 individual seasons and 4 major turning points within the 365 days and 4 seasons;

The 4 seasons are Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter

"Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.” Martin Luther King Jr. (from Lynda Hills new moon newsletter.)

During October we make exceptional progress, (in spite of ourselves,) in the areas ruled by the Libra and Scorpio house placement in our birth chart. Expect friends to pitch in and help, indeed they will be instrumental in facilitating important breakthroughs wherever we are “stuck.” So be a Friend in need and friend indeed because this is a fine time of reciprocal assistance.