My oh My what a month September 2016 is shaping up to be here in America. We have 2 eclipses, a Mercury retrograde and Jupiter moving into Libra. Not to mention the presidential race between Crooked Hillary Clinton and Donald (quack,) Trump. What fun, how evil we Americans are in an elections year. So no matter how you toss the dice we are looking at excitement that lasts awhile. On the darker side the energy feels manic, too much of a good thing, or a bad thing or just too much of anything.

But all in all it is a positive month.

We can expect the shocking revelations that September energy seems always to always provide, the “oh-no” events that make us all so very grateful to be safe and sound in our very own private personal space. Those shocking occurrences that come with the Virgo Sun. These revelations are par for the course in September dun to the waning of summer energies and are explained below;

The Earth Mother grows weary in September, she has worked long and hard, tirelessly, since the quickening of spring in February, (Candlemas,) and yearns for her winter rest and the refreshment of her soul.  The season is changing, almost imperceptibly andthe first major harvests are coming in. Earth Mother now watches for the arrival of the Horned Hunter, who rules the fall and winter.