Two eclipses mingle with this Mercury retrograde transit in Scorpio and Libra.  The first is a full moon lunar eclipse, (visible in most of USA,) on October 8, in Libra-Aries and the other eclipse, October 23, is a new moon solar eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio.  So, Libra –Scorpio – Aries pay attention please as your signs, or your rising sign in one of these signs, will be the most affected.

We’re not up for fighting now. If there’s no need to fight, we’ll avoid it.  If there is a need to fight, then Mars in Sagittarius indicates a rapid and brutal result. We’re polite, (to a fault,) well mannered, (to a fault,) and present ourselves with grace and class but if a threat is perceived as being real then watch out. Mars, planet of action, in fiery Sagittarius is in a position to help us push through difficulties. It is likely assistance comes in the form of a man or men who provide help and then move on. Whatever plan or activity is “vital” to your life and well being, do it NOW! If you can't don't be afraid, just have a "B" plan ready or expect to have to revise plans until November 7th or so.

The title of this lunar report sums up quite nicely the key factors for success during the 14 days following the full moon. With the Sun in Virgo, Mercury in Libra, and the Full moon in Pisces you can reach for the stars and succeed in touching them. The sun in Virgo illuminates the areas where organization is required to balance situations fairly and properly, (Mercury in Libra,) and a creative and far reaching approach that benefits everyone, if employed, will work out swimmingly! (Full moon in Pisces.)