Hello, hello fine readers and my-oh-my what a summer it has been. Such jollity and action, so many friends, so little time. So many places to go, things to do and people to see, I am weary just reviewing it in my mind.

But, (seems there's always a “but,”) at last the summer nears it's end and there is a taste of autumn in the wind. The inevitability of the changing of the seasons makes us aware of our duties and responsibilities, (yikes,) and for just a moment we feel melancholy. So much seems to be left unfinished, we just are not ready yet.

But, ready or not, the change of the seasons is upon us, Labor Day weekend is right around the corner, and after that last summer celebration, comes the brief period of Indian Summer which causes the leaves on the trees to burst into a fury of reds and golds. So be happy, fine people, enjoy natures beauty and look forward to fall and winter.

The above prose simply set the tone for September 2015. There is far more activity than is first apparent. Let's take a closer look at the stars in the sky and the movement of the planets, as those heavenly bodies do indeed influence each and every one of us individually and in our communities.

First and perhaps the most important of all the aspects involves Venus. She has been retrograde in Leo, for ever so long, (since July 23rd, ) and with the shadow period, even longer than that, she actually began to slow down on July 5th. Happily, she makes station, ( stands stock still in the sky,) turns around and moves forward again on Sunday September 6. She retraces her steps and arrives back where she started in the sign of Virgo on October 9th.