Hello fine people, welcome! September promises to be an awesome month filled with fresh starts and exciting endeavors. There are a few bumps in the path during the second week, but no worries, just take the high road, you’ll breeze right over any obstacles you encounter. Of special importance this month is the influence of Neptune in Pisces which is reflected in the title of the snippets. Sometimes when life situations seem to be obvious, (black and white,) it benefits us to use the power of Neptune to explore subtle nuances and various “shades” not readily apparent.

Hello, hello, hello good Readers, and fine, fine regards too!  After 60 days of writers block and a much needed vacation, I am again courting the muses. A good thing to be sure! So let’s talk about the New Moon in Virgo on Monday, August 25th, 2014 in the USA.

The most important factor surrounding this new moon is a smooth transition from the frolicking Leo in Jupiter playfulness of August to the focused skills of Virgo the September maiden.  With the new moon, The Sun, Mercury and Venus in Virgo, especially during the first 10 days of September there is a strong emphasis on an organized mindset. The energy is just perfect for implementing our early autumn plans flawlessly.