It is with deep sorrow that I advise all fine readers that Jonathan Cainer of Cainer Astrology passed away, (died,)  in early May 2016. He will be sorely missed and I would be remiss in my duties to neglect a mention of consolation to this amazing Astrologer. He was known and loved worldwide. Godspeed Johnathon Cainer, you were a man of honor and a legend in our times, I surely hope to meet you in the Ether, the 4th dimension! Until then be well and grow in knowledge and strength  in the alternate dimension where you now reside

June 2016 is a Peter Pan Month. Blame it on Gemini and then go enjoy yourself. To get into the proper groove think youthful innocence. We experience child-like wonder and amazement with all things alive and the power of mother nature. The days are longer than the nights for a wee bit more The weather is warm and moist and life is good all around. These are the “halcyon “ days of late spring, the living is easy.

Groovy, eh? Not quite, nope! Hold on a minute folks because there is much, much more. The June astrology creates Paradoxical Situations in our lives. We have the innocence of Gemini the twins and the need for structure and discipline of Saturn and the elusive dreams just out of reach influence of Neptune.

It is worth a look see at Marina Macario's take on the paradoxical elements of June 2016. She offers insight into the dual nature of Gemini, the polar opposites this Sun sign represents, good twin and bad twin respectively.

In a nutshell June is also an “elitist” month.