What an amazing planetary line up we have in store for the second half of May. Actually it is an amazing planetary line up from the second half of May that lasts straight through the end of the year with the results being irrevocably obvious by Thanksgiving 2015.
As I post this discourse we are in the light of the New Moon in Taurus, right now as a matter off fact, (1:13AM EST,) and the majority of us already have a pretty clear idea of what we want, and where to go to get it. Summer plans take on solid shape, details are examined, there is much talking and negotiating and by months end reservations are confirmed. (There will be minor adjustments but hey, that's OK.)


Right now even as my thoughts flow onto the paper we are in the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini.

A Mercury retrograde period is about 8 weeks long and is composed of a “shadow” period and a “storm” period. The “shadow” of this Mercury retrograde begins May 4th and ends June 27th. The “STORM Period”for this Mercury Retrograde begins May 18th at 9:49PM ET and ends on June 11th at 6:33PM ET.

The shadow period starts when the retrograde planet passes over the point in the zodiac it will turn direct at for the very first time, and ends when it finally returns to that same spot or point in the zodiac it turned retrograde at in the beginning. For this Mercury retrograde period the final point is touched for the last time on June 27, 2015 and then Mercury marches into Cancer on July 8th, 2015.

All retrograde planets pass over this same “shadow” point 2 times during, (or 3 but not this time,) their specific transit. We begin to feel the effects of retrogrades during this shadow period and the energies, (whatever they are on a personal level,) build until the retrograding planet enters the “storm period.”

The “Storm Period” of Mercury retrograde, (or any retrograde planet,) is when the affected planet is moving at its slowest speed, There are usually 2 “storm periods” during a retrograde, the first is around the time the affected planet actually stands still and turns around backwards for the first time, and the second is when he stands still again and turns around forward to return to where he started.

Let's take a look at the “Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and sort it all out. That way we still have time to stop and smell the roses. Most certainly we'll have to work on calming ourselves and others but when all is said and done the end result is “Good. ” Because this is the “Flower Moon,” time is available to enjoy simple pleasures after facing tense, uncertain circumstances and overcoming challenges.

Expect a confrontation with something dark and ugly that needs to be exposed and brought into the open so that healing can occur.

The Ugliest issue surrounding the full moon in Scorpio is the Exposure of Bad Secrets. Especially in business partnerships and money matters. More specifically, expect a revealing of theft and betrayal involving “OPM” Other Peoples Money. This includes taxes, debts, loans, inheritances and joint finances.

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By harnessing the Full Moon Light and Energy, (similar to meditation and group prayer,) we Reveal the Bad by Exposing the Ugly and then Transform all of that yucky guck into a positive force yielding a “Good,” result that is long lasting and beneficial.