Ah, hello, hello, hello fine readers and fine regards. First my apologies for missing 2 monthly posts, I was walloped hard and displaced by the Venus retrograde and Uranus square Pluto transits. I am back now and I thank all for their patience.

In fact the basis of this month's “Snippets” shall be dedicated to cleaning up the chaos and overall retrograde mischief that everyone has been subjected too since mid-February. I say everyone and I mean everyone, because if you personally were not affected, (unlikely,) then you know someone who got walloped. These transits ease up on the 18th of May and much angst is settled then. Life gets easier, we can enjoy Mothers Day, Memorial Day and all the cool springtime activities May gifts us with.

Venus turned direct on 4/15, as of this writing, (4/22) we are past the Uranus square Pluto and Mercury finally goes direct in Taurus on 5/3. NOTE: Be especially careful driving 5/1 – 5/6 as accidents increase when planets are stationary retrograde and stationary direct., especially Mercury and fore- warned is fore-armed, look out for the other guy then.

So let's look at Venus retrograde in Pisces and Aries and the Mercury retrograde in Taurus and Aries, and the last of the Uranus square Pluto transits and the accompanying influences;

Venus retrograde shadow began in early February and ends in late May 2017.The Uranus square Pluto transit has been going on since 2012 and was “touched and reactivated” by this specific Venus retrograde. It is helpful to note that these are waning transits and this is the last “hit” with Uranus/Pluto and Venus, although that may seem like small comfort, especially to Libra, Taurus and to a certain extent Aries sun signs.