As this month’s Zodiac Snippet's unfold from my mind onto paper, I offer up to all fine readers a picture. Clowns to the left of us and jokers to the right, here we are! That is not very far from the truth, because finally, finally, after 6 long weeks of the pre-retrograde shadow periods we are well and truly amidst the Mars and Mercury retrograde transits. We have a “new moon” in Taurus on may 6th and a “full moon” in Sagittarius on may 21 too.

All of this really does give each and every one of us a reason to cheer. Those of an optimistic demeanor might even say that the end is in sight. After all July, August and September are right around the corner.

I can see those with a more cynical outlook, rolling their eyes and saying ; “what about the 3 eclipses, the first in mid-August and the second and third in September? And how about that pesky Mercury retrograde, the 3rd and the 4th in the series of 4 this year? Hmm, what about those smarty tart?”

Well, golly gee there is all that stuff to consider too. So let's do that, lets consider our options.

First I must state, (unequivocally,) that there is plenty of good and fun, (good fun,) stuff to do even with the beastly long retrogrades and the 3 eclipses we experience between now and late September. (more info here.)

Indeed, below are a few but not all of the favored events we can look forward to;

For the remainder of spring and the rest of the summer is a great time to look to the past and connect with old friends. Old lovers have a way of popping up during retrograde transits too. Whatever pops up from your past, now is the time to run with it, because there is a healing quality that unfolds with retrogrades and eclipses too. Or, if you do not need “healing' it's still a great time to reminisce on the past and catch up with old friends and family.

Travel is favored, especially if you are going back to someplace you haven't been to in a while or to a location or to be around people that you miss. This is the “lucky” side of Mars retrograde, the vacation like atmosphere it invokes, the joyful journeys and reunions with places and people in our past.

Bursts of money manifest, although this financial aspect is more often than not of a “one and done” nature. Legal settlements, gifts and even a win at lottery are examples. Business is brisk and profitable, but after the fact clients and customers have a way of “poof” disappearing so pay heed to the temporary nature of profits.

Plans that are pending now, should remain pending, (there are a few exceptions, call or order email charts that are individually customized just for You!) and can be successfully implemented after the retrograde transits pass, as that is when we see the full results of our actions. The yin and the yang balance quite nicely after the fact. Think October 1, 2016.

Mercury retrograde transits , although shorter in duration than all other planets are the most easily felt. To broach the somewhat more uncomfortable aspects; (we touch on this only briefly,) Marina Macario says of this Mercury retrograde; Learning from ones mistakes” and the uncomfortable truth” just about sums up this Mercury Rx. “ So that is not so bad after all as there is a learning curve and our past experience guides us through the worst of it.

Here is a true life example to further clarify;

Mars and Mercury are the superstars of April. These 2 planets planets mingle and jingle all summer and into September so this is an important month.

What you see now is what you get all summer long! For a better understanding of the energy read my "Eclipses and Retrogrades" page. Pay special attention to the articles on "Shadow Periods".

We have 2 major transits in pre shadow retrograde status in one measly 30 day period that just happens to include Spring/Summer and the Presidential elections race too. By October 2, (Halloween/Sawain * always the dark of the moon in October, ) we know exactly where we stand, issues are settled in our minds.

The new moon is in Aries on 4/7-8-9 and the full moon is in Scorpio on 4/21-22-23. No one sign gets priority on energies this month, all of us are affected, this is global energy.

You don’t have to think very hard or look very far to understand how crazy spring and summer appears to be shaping up. I am not surprising anyone, all of us began to feel the stirring effects of this global energy during the March eclipses, and we continue to feel the “retro- combo” ding a ling ling, mingle tingle, jingle until late September.

The final phase of energies and the resolution begins to manifest during the first of the 3 autumn eclipses, in mid-August with the full moon eclipse in Leo. The grand eclipse driven finale continues until the end of September. After the new moon eclipse in Virgo, the full moon eclipse in Libra and the end of the third (of 4,) Mercury retrogrades .

October 2-3-4 is especially important this year because it brings the dark of the moon, (Halloween/ Sawain,) in Scorpio. Indeed, this is a spooky year with intense psychic energies and otherworldly manifestations, especially from mid August through mid September as the veil between dimensions is thin.

As far as endings go, it doesn't end more dramatically or with such finality as this, with the Halloween/Sawain energy prevailing at the end of the mercury retrograde post shadow cycle. Simply put, done is done, really and truly over.