Wowsa, Wowsa, Wowsa what a month! March 2016 is a turning point for many. The relief of knowing what we want is a strong step toward creating a happier future and ensuring Summer dreams come true. Most importantly in March, be willing to negotiate personally and professionally, overcome the futile desperation of anarchy.….............

Lest you think that I am crazy, kindly keep in mind those 2 frisky eclipses.;

On March 8th we have the Solar eclipse, (new moon – Sun in Pisces blocks and absorbs the light of moon in Pisces,)
On March 23rd we have a Lunar eclipse, ( Full Moon in Libra blocks and absorbs the light of the Sun in Aries.)

With the eclipses come pain and gain. Yep both of those things. Eclipses deliver news in a big way and the information is non-negotiable and permanent. Solar eclipses are more outward and seem to affect an entire population or region while lunar eclipses are more emotional and affect us on a personal level.