What a month February is shaping up to be. Wowsa, wowsa and wowsa again!!!February is very, very busy with 2 eclipses, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, Groundhog Day, (also known as “Beltane” in the Wiccan culture and Fat Tuesday in famed New Orleans Louisiana Mardi Gras celebration,) and a whole bunch of planets changing signs. (Like Mars and Venus both in Aries,) and Super Bowl Sunday !!! Lastly, the retrograde Venus “ pre-retrograde shadow period” is now upon us, too (click here for details.)

At the risk of sounding repetitive “All I can say is Wowsa!”

And this is but a brief over view of the big picture. The January doldrums are past, Santa Klaus is truly gone and we have only 2 more winter pagan holidays to look forward to, Groundhogs Day, and Saint Valentines Day. (Just for the record, I doubt if he actually behaved like a saint but I am very glad we have him available.)

The theme for all 12 signs is for the unfinished business from 2008 and 2014 time period to be revisited. Yep, we have until the August 2017 eclipses to fix what we do not quite have a full grasp on now. And we will do exactly that too, no worries! This is how retrograde planets and transits help humanity. Simply put, the actions developing now are based on what plays out for the future, until early August to be specific, and many of the issues both good and bad that we are dealing with now have a root cause from 2008 and again in 2014, so think back to that time period and muse upon the people and lessons since then. You will be amazed.

Expect old lovers and friends to continue to pop up out of the blue and enjoy accidentally bumping into friends and acquaintances from the past.... hey retrograde activity is not nearly as “scary” as people make it out to be and it truly does allow us to free ourselves.

In keeping with the extreme sports and overactive energies I am quite proud, and finally finished, whew, and am finally posting both the 2017 General horoscope, (click here for 2017 mundane astrology,) and the Venus Retrograde articles. (click here for details.)


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Here is how Feruary 2017 palys out for each of the 12 Astrological Sun Signs, Read On;