This Moon is really on the cutting edge of change. It remains void of course in Aquarius for 1 wee minute on Wednesday 2/18 and then 'Poof' off into Pisces it goes, and Mars marches into Aries the next day. This series of rapid fire sign changes reminds me of the philandering lover who makes a hasty exit while blowing you a kiss and saying, “don't worry I still consider you my best friend!…we'll keep in touch, I promise!”

The Aquarius/Pisces New Moon is all about confronting that which is old and outworn and no longer meets our needs. The confrontation is likely to be extreme because we are leaving the past behind and and beating a path to that which is new and exciting and not yet known, but oh we can almost see it, that better way of life shimmers like an oasis in the near desert and we can feel it too, a warmth in our minds that comes to us in our dreams and stays with us into the dawning of the new day.

Armed only with a blend of naivete, genuine innocence and sheer good fortune we yearn to be different and to experiment with new ways and as of yet there is no fear of being wrong. That long period of Aquarius energy is still affecting us, we have faith in our own moral codes and still adhere to those quite rigidly.

But still, an ending and a new beginning looms large in our consciousness. The season is changing and we cannot stop it. The worst of winter is behind us now, and we feel this instinctively. It is still cold and there is much snow and ice, but look, what is that? Ah, the very first sign of spring, the tender shoots of fresh green growth amidst the dirty snow banks, that brief gentle caress of warmth in the wind as the coming spring blows into your consciousness.

Well gee I probably could of done something else, like write 8 differnent forecasts this month but I choose to use artistic license. It would of somehow diminish the OOMPHATIC nature of the Full moon in Leo on the 3-4-5-, and the first of 3 Friday the 13th's of 2015 and the mind bending chaos in store for all of us with Mercury Retrograde turning direct in Aquarius on February 11th and then yet another New moon in the very last degrees of Aquarius on the 20th and Mars moving into Aries on the 19th and Venus joining her lover in Aries, (always good fun,) on the 20th so to use anything less than concise and to the point OOMPHATIC statements oozing at the seams with artistic license would be droll.....

In all good consciousness I could not do that dear, good and fine readers, it just wouldn't be fair. I shall explain further so that a clear and concise answer to this rather wayward reasoning results in the ultimate clarity of upcoming events for the month of FEBRUARY 2015.

(My crazy schedule for February is; Tu and Wed all day long and late night is ok too, Mo-Th-Fr-Sa-Su 5pm to midnight. Please send an email or leave a callback request if you wish.)

Hmm, ooh, ah ee ee ee, I really want to do all that for you folks but please forgive me when I say alas, none of that crystal clear communication is on the agenda until early March. Nope, although it will not be dull, all month long expect chaos and confusion and crystal blue persuasion . The February forecast is crazy and erratic and mind bending and yes that is a good thing. Much of the energy, as untamed as it is, results in outcomes that are completely unexpected and absolutely amazing.