Happy New Year! The big news for January is that we still have Mercury Retrograde until 1/8/16. Mercury remains in Capricorn, (oh will this never end!) until the 27th when he finally gets to Aquarius. The full moon falls on January 11-12-13 (Friday the 13th no less,) in Cancer. Speaking of Friday the 13th, we have 2 in 2017. This first one in January and another in October, what spooky fun. The new moon falls on 1/27 and now Aquarius energy dominates the skies.

We have a lot to look forward to, and the way the month begins is very different from the way it ends. By week 3 the pent up energy from the retrogrades and the holidays has been dredged, and we are as much under control of our circumstances as we can be. The dark of the moon comes on the 26 and that cold, crisp, clear quiet feeling envelopes us and we find peace, clarity and warmth.

Ah yes the joys of January are upon us. Have fun, cuddle up with your spouse wear your fur lined satin robe and nothing else! With the peace and clarity that Capricorn always brings and Mercury in Capricorn too, love is elegant and private, words are not necessary, deep love is felt, which brings a sense of security to love relationships.

But wait, there's more. With Mercury in Capricorn we still have a lot to do, and social events are well starred. Again, the ambiance is elegant so enjoy this period with others in a sophisticated, austere fashion. With the full moon so very comfortable in her home sign, Cancer, and both the Sun and Mercury rooted in stable Capricorn it is an excellent time to conceive, there is a very real possibility of pregnancy. The creation of new life is a noble quest. Go for it!

Here is a song that I love, it reminds me most of Venus in Capricorn, and is also relevant to Mercury in Capricorn. It sets the tone of the first 20 days of the month quite well and gives audio reinforcement to Capricorn energy at it's highest vibration;

Love is Blue

By months end, Mercury Retrograde is over, and there is just one itsy bitsy teensy weensy little snag, almost a negligible event. We probably won't even notice it.