This new moon cycle gives humanity a chance to review, revise and draw up future plans for the month ahead and for long term too. Large-scale projects in planning right now bear fruit in 6 months when the full Moon is in Aquarius. This year that occurs on July 31st. Better still, in July we have 2 full moons. The first is in the sign of Capricorn on 7/2/15 and is known as the “Thunder Moon” and the second on 7/31/15 is a “Blue Moon” in Aquarius, which means it is the second full moon occurring in July, (or in any calendar month.) Two full moons in the same month are known as “blue moons.”

Short term projects yield results at the next full 

A warm, crackling fire and fresh baked bread with Mom smiling brightly. This perfect scenario is an indication of the best that can be had under the beams of this full moon. The other side of the coin on this lunar cycle is quite different. The dark side of this lunar transit indicates a purging of destructive situations and freedom from stifling love relationships, or any type of co-dependency or bullying.

But; (there's always a but,) with Cancer energy the freedom is permanent. Yes you can escape, just walk out the door and leave and that is good, just remember as you go that the door that closes behind you is well and truly closed. Locked up tighter than the gold at Fort Knox. There is no going back.

Well, well, well, here we are starting a new path into a new future in the new year 2015. This really is a “New” year too, it is especially true for January 2015 because of the unique astrology currently in play.

In December we saw Saturn leave Scorpio and move into Sagittarius. Finally, a fresh breath of fiery energy and hope for humanity. This is a favorable transit for all of us because the sign of Sagittarius the Archer encompasses the implementation of Truth, Justice and the American way. Higher education and learning is also emphasized during this transit and that is all to the good, a comprehensive increase in educational standards is sorely